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How does a flanger pedal work?

Carrying on from us showing how a chorus pedal works, it’s time to go to [...]

How does a rotary pedal work?

My absolute favorite modulation effect of all time is the Leslie recreation, commonly known as [...]

BHG release “The Hidden Gem Collection” – Vai Cabinets

You want to play through a legendary speaker cabinet as owned and used by Steve [...]

How does a wah pedal work?

Time to turn our attention to one of the most overused (**cough** Kirk Hammett) yet [...]

How does a chorus pedal work?

One of the most overused effects of our time is the humble Chorus pedal (especially [...]

What is the difference between DynIR and Impulse Response?

Simply put, the Two notes DynIR are dynamic where as a regular impulse response is [...]


Wall of Sound – Apple M1 compatibility

[ENGLISH] Our cab sim plugin Torpedo Wall of Sound works on Apple M1 computers if [...]


The Celestion Speaker Guide

The Celestion Alnico Blue The Alnico Blue speaker is the original guitar speaker, the first [...]


Getting to know Torpedo Remote

Videos showing how to get the most out of your Torpedo device via Torpedo Remote


The basic steps to use the Wall of Sound plugin

How to set up and get started with the Two notes Torpedo Wall of Sound [...]