CODEX is part of the GENOME Software Suite


Next-gen unification engine primed to unleash the full-potential of your AI-powered amp & pedal capture arsenal
Featuring complete-compatibility with Neural Amp Modeler (NAM), AIDA-X and Proteus captures, CODEX delivers a suite of custom-engineered FX to surgically adapt and reimagine any static AI model to your exacting needs. Mix-and-match captures with a selection of legendary Tone Stacks and position these Pre or Post your model’s gain stage. Shape your tone with one-of-three 5-band EQ models (Guitar/Bass/Custom). Add body, weight and presence to your sonics with the very-same Enhancer from our best-selling DSP-powered hardware solutions. With a primo collection of CODEX-ready captures included for immediate creative potential out-the-box – plus an ever growing 3rd-party capture library to pull from – CODEX is poised to serve as the beating heart of your digital backline.

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Neural Amp Modeler is an open-source project that uses deep learning to create models of guitar amplifiers and pedals with state-of-the-art accuracy.
AIDA-X delivers AI models empowering you with the dynamic response and tone that you expect from a real guitar amp. All made possible by advanced machine learning techniques.
Proteus delivers the new standard in GuitarML’s device capture, offering a plethora of Grade-A Amplifier and Distortion/Overdrive/Boost pedal captures for all your sonic exploits.
Amalgam Audio is a premier provider of AI-amp captures based in Riga, Latvia. Their aim is simple: deliver the perfect blend of must-have tone through a surgical capture process to prime you with everything you need for stelar sonics from the get-go!

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