Create Your Tailor-Made GENOME Backline

Seeking the ultimate custom GENOME experience? Look no further than our selection of premium AMPS, PEDALS and STUDIO FX, all engineered to provide you top-flight sonics and the essence of our tone-bending know-how.

Available for purchase in addition to your GENOME licence – not to mention demo-able directly inside the latest version of our carrier class end-to-end tone shaping ecosystem – our Component add-ons are the definitive fast-track to building your very own bespoke GENOME backline!

Please note, Premium GENOME Components require a Two notes account and a full license to GENOME in order for the component to be purchased and used in a full-featured state. For pre-purchase demonstration purposes, Premium GENOME Components can be demo’d for free within both a full-GENOME license variant and the 14-day GENOME trial accessible here. To obtain a full GENOME license, please head to

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Want These Killer AMPS, PEDALS and STUDIO FX? You’ll Need a copy of GENOME!

Discover GENOME, the carrier class software ecosystem engineered to deliver the pinnacle in end-to-end tone shaping. Fusing an ever-growing roster of amplifiers, pedals, class-leading virtual cabinets and essential STUDIO FX, GENOME is your first – and final – destination for the ultimate in-the-box or hybrid backline.

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