DynIR™ Virtual Cabinets | Packs

Conquering the dividing line between sublime authenticity and uncompromising digital emulation, DynIR™ represents the pinnacle in virtual guitar-cabinet technology.

Harnessing power equivalent to 160,000 studio-grade IR files, each Two notes DynIR can be shaped to the needs of even the most discerning tone chaser. With 8 mics per cabinet, dual mic-ing and 10K mic positions (front & back), unleashing your tone and finding your signature sound has never been simpler.

Grab The Complete Collection & Save BIG!

Looking for the ultimate DynIR experience? Look no further than the complete collection for Bass! Featuring every bass cab in our extensive catalog, this is a certified one-stop-shop for tonal nirvana!

Including everything from our Artist Series Releases, Capture Master essentials and our official brand assemblages, whatever genre takes your fancy, this collection delivers the goods in spades.


New to DynIR? You’ll Need A Copy of GENOME

Discover GENOME, the carrier class software ecosystem engineered to deliver the pinnacle in end-to-end tone shaping. Fusing an ever-growing roster of amplifiers, pedals, class-leading virtual cabinets and essential STUDIO FX, GENOME is your first – and final – destination for the ultimate in-the-box or hybrid backline.