The Lost Cabinets Volume 2 | BiSonic Collective

Contains 16 DynIR Cabinets

The Lost Cabinets Volume 2 | BiSonic Collective

Brace yourself tone connoisseurs, this is a release of titanic proportions!

The illustrious Noise Factory are back with a followup to their immensely popular “Lost Cabinets” Collection! Engineered with the same overriding mantra to empower our legion of Tone Heads with super-rare sonics, this 16-capture strong collection delivers certified authentic vintage-inspired tone, primed for Two notes’ class-leading ecosystem.

We know what you’re thinking – let’s answer some of those pertinent questions right off the bat:
Were these cabs hard to find? Oh yes!
Are they super versatile? You’d better believe it!
Have they been captured to perfection? C’mon, it’s Noise Factory at the helm – of course they have!

With over 600 captures in our ever-growing DynIR library, some might argue there can’t be that much left to grace our archives? ¡Guess again hombre! First up, there’s 16 captures inspired by the likes of Fender®, Ampeg®, ELK®, HH®, MusicMan®, Marshall®, Peavy® and Mesa Boogie®. Next, all the cabs and companion drivers are certified vintage, well-worn, reliced and – specification wise – period-authentic. Finally, Noise Factory elected to capture each cabinet with both a Studio and Live mic set for deft levels of adaptability from the studio to the stage. The results are – put simply – divine; it’s the perfect blend of vibey mojo and nefarious adaptability that’s a sure-fire guarantee to give your performance a veritable fog of distinction!

With The Lost Cabinets Volume 2 | BiSonic Collective, get immediate access to all 16 captures from Noise Factory’s 2023 debut capture, featuring the entire selection of Live and Studio mic sets! In short, if you’re seeking the totalitarian experience of these next-level captures, make this collection your first – and final – destination!

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