Two notes Audio Engineering pioneered the concept of a digital load box in 2008. Central to the success of the Torpedo series is the transparency and feel of our analog reactive load boxes.

Digital load boxes, such as Torpedo Captor X, combine onboard studio-grade DSP with a premium analog reactive load box. The Torpedo Reload and analog Torpedo Captor (pictured right) paired with the Torpedo Wall of Sound plug-in offer total control of your tone within your DAW.

The C.A.B. M+ is Torpedo DSP in a stand alone unit. Perfect for your pedal board, delivering Torpedo cab sim realism to any modeler. The C.A.B. M+ can also be combined with a load box when you wish to DI your tube amp.

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It’s all about you – the player

Whether you’re pushing your tube amp to the sweet spots live, recording an album or simply playing your favorite gear at home, the Torpedo series is here to give you – the player – the dynamic response and tones your rig deserves. Two notes Audio Engineering has spent many years listening to the needs of players and has combined the technologies you need to capture the perfect tone. Whether you need a premium reactive load box, attenuator, silent stage solution, IR loader, amp DI, stereo expander, clean pedal platform or cab sim, your dream tones drive our designs.

DynIR – the cab sim tech at the heart of your Torpedo

All Torpedo products are built around the acclaimed DynIR technology. Whether it is via hardware featuring Torpedo embedded DSP or the Torpedo Wall of Sound plug-in (also included with every Two notes hardware product), DynIR is the most advanced yet easy-to-use cab sim technology available, featuring over 400 Virtual Cabinets, including official captures from Mesa Engineering®, Victory Amplification®, Celestion®, ENGL®, REVV® and many more.

Torpedo Captor X

Feature-packed, easy-to-use and road ready reactive load box

  • Premium, compact 100W reactive load box – available in 8 or 16 Ohm
  • Attenuator, silent stage solution for guitar and bass
  • Includes 32 DynIR virtual cabinets, dual IR Loader
  • Stereo expander, twin tracker, instrument voiced EQ
  • Dual XLR outputs, headphones, MIDI
  • Effortlessly control the miking chain via hardware, phone, tablet or computer

Recommended price : 599,00$


Torpedo Captor

Compact analog reactive load box, attenuator and amp DI

  • Premium, compact 100W reactive load box – available in 4, 8, or 16 Ohm
  • Attenuator, silent stage solution for guitar and bass
  • 16 DynIR virtual cabinets via Torpedo Wall of Sound plug-in (included)
  • Built-in analog cab sim x 2, individually voiced for guitar and bass 
  • Ground lift, phase reversal switch
  • Robust yet lightweight – perfect for home, studio or live (gig bag friendly)

Recommended price : 249,00$

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Torpedo C.A.B. M+

Go direct from your pedalboard, enhance your amp modeler tone

  • Stunning clean Pre-amplifier with 8 power amp simulations
  • Small footprint designed to perfectly fit on your pedalboard
  • Effortlessly control the miking chain via hardware, phone, tablet or computer
  • Place between your amp and cab for outstanding DI tone
  • Extensive selection of studio-grade effects, designed for guitar and bass

Recommended price : 319,00$

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Torpedo Reload

Record pristine guitar DI tracks, re-amp takes with studio control

  • Premium 150W Reactive-active Load Box with continuous attenuation
  • Switchable 4, 8, and 16 Ohm impendance
  • Gain matching tools, Hi-Z guitar input
  • 24 DynIR virtual cabinets via Torpedo Wall of Sound plug-in (included)

Recommended price : 699,00$

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Load Box

Reactive, 100W RMS

Reactive, 100W RMS

Reactive-active, 150W RMS


-38dB, -20dB, 0dB

-20dB, 0dB


Cabinet Simulation

DynIR, Standard IR

Analog, Wall of Sound

DynIR, Standard IR

Wall of Sound


Hardware FX

Wall of Sound

Hardware FX

Wall of Sound

Amp input

8 or 16 Ohm

4, 8 or 16 Ohm

Requires appropriate load

4, 8 and 16 Ohm

Line Input

0dB, +12dB

For DI tracks re-amping


0dB, +12dB

For DI tracks recording

Speaker Output

1 output

1 output

1 output

2 outputs


2x XLR


XLR, 1/4″ Jack TRS



Best choice for amplifiers

Analog cab sim

Best choice for pedalboards


Stereo Reverb, Twin Tracker


Via Torpedo Remote

Via Torpedo Remote


5-Pin DIN via included adapter


Flagship Tube amplifiers, fully featured DynIR Torpedo stereo outs with midi control.

Victory KRAKEN V4

Pedal format guitar amplifier (180W) with tube preamp with DynIR Torpedo out.

Audient Solo

Audient Sono

Designed for guitar tube driven audio interface with Torpedo DynIR embedded.


REVV D20 & G20

Lunchbox tube amplifier (20W) with Torpedo DynIR out and midi control.

Torpedo Studio

Torpedo Studio (2014)

Fully reactive load box, dual miking, Post FX and Torpedo Remote made this the flagship model for Two notes

Torpedo CAB

Torpedo C.A.B. (2013)

Pedal sized format, perfect all in one cabinet simulator to be used with pedal sized preamp.

Superseded by Torpedo C.A.B. M+

Torpedo Live

Torpedo Live (2013)

Remote functionality, fully reactive load box with midi control in a 1U rack

Torpedo VM-202

Torpedo VM-202 (2010)

Designed to be more flexible than the VB-101, the VM202- included line level inputs specifically designed to be used in conjunction with rack mounted and stomp box sized guitar and bass preamps

Superseded by Torpedo Studio

Torpedo VB-101

Torpedo VB-101 (2008)

The worlds first “digital loadbox” to come to market. With a resistive load box, 16 DynIR cabinets with USB and midi control. 

Superseded by Torpedo Studio