Introducing GENOME, the carrier class software ecosystem engineered to deliver the pinnacle in end-to-end tone shaping.

For immediate creative potential from the get-go, GENOME ships with a comprehensive roster of TSM™ Amplifiers, PEDALS, class-leading DynIR™ virtual cabinets and essential STUDIO FX. Check out GENOME’s stock tone shaping arsenal below!

TSM™ Amplifiers

Our latest innovation – the Tube-Stage Modeling (TSM™) Amplifier Engine – furnishes players with a suite of pro-grade Preamps, brimming with unique character and inspired by titans in the guitar- and bass-amp annals. Want to mix ‘n match Power Amps to GENOME’s Preamp arsenal? No sweat. Every TSM amplifier component features a fully customisable Poweramp!

Whether it’s a pristine high-headroom clean or a primo foundation for your pedal collection, Foundry delivers. In short, it’s the epitome of a classic Cali clean, brimming with warm saturation and engineered to capture every subtle nuance of your delivery.

Whether it’s a pristine clean or a primo foundation for your pedal collection, Foundry Bass delivers. In short, it’s the epitome of a classic Bass clean, brimming with warm saturation and engineered to capture every subtle nuance of your delivery.

Bass players seeking the pinnacle in low-end theory, look no further than Peggy. Pushing complex harmonic overtones, a warm midrange and oodles of rafter ratlin’ thump, Peggy delivers the perfect blend of classic ’60s bass sonics with expertly-tuned tweak-ability to sit your tone in any pocket!

For those times when only a legendary Brit-inspired roar will suffice, there’s Albion. Complete with a rich, vocal mid-range, lashings of punch, boat-loads of power and gain-for-days, Albion is your secret weapon when diving head-first into Classic- and Hard-Rock territory.

Tight response? Check. Rich in harmonics? Check. Searing, perfectly balanced gain fused with lashings of sustain? Oh Yes! This really is a “triple threat” for the guitarist venturing into hard-rock and metal territory.

Seeking chime, articulation and buttery-smooth presence? Foxy’s a one-stop-shop! With airy highs, impeccable breakup and sublime mid-range bite when pushing the gain, Foxy is primed to take on everything from sultry Jazz to rauch-fuelled Rock n’ Roll.

Looking for some Cali-born high-gain sonics, pushing the perfect combination of unrelenting power and deft levels of clarity? FlatBack’s a one-stop-shop offering lashings of harmonically rich overtones, a full bodied low-end and articulation for days!

Looking for the epitome of a modern, forward-thinking bass tone? You owe it to your tone to check out Aviator. Whether it’s rafter-rattlin lows, or a high-gain onslaught fused with the all-important clarity your tone demands, this TSM™ Amplifier delivers on all counts!

Want gain? Nifty50’s got it on tap! It’s aggression incarnate. It’s punchy. It’s super-versatile covering everything from a warm full-throttle onslaught to a searing lead tone that cuts through any mix. Whether it’s the darker side of metal or a tone that wouldn’t be amiss in 80’s inspired virtuosity, Nifty50 is deserving of any contemporary player's sonic arsenal.

For players seeking an alt slant on the iconic Bear-State clean, Gemini is just what the doctor ordered! At its core it delivers an articulate touch-sensitive sparkling-clean with oodles of warm breakup when pushed - in a nutshell, it’s contender #1 when it comes to getting the best from your overdrive pedal collection, lest we forget a dead-cert to pair with a vintage spring reverb for the epitome of a retro-inspired tone!

When you’re in the market for sheer versatility - covering everything from a well-rounded articulate clean to a full-throttle high-gain onslaught - Tanger delivers on all counts! Fusing boat-loads of punch, lashings of sustain and a unique brit-inspired gain stage, Tanger ‘aint no one-trick-pony - it’s a powerhouse of tone primed for virtually any performance or recording scenario!

Looking for an alternate slant on Gold Coast high-gain sonics, complete with unrelenting gain, the perfect blend of relentless power and deft levels of precision? If the answer’s a resounding “YES”, then FlatBackFive is an absolute must-have!


From a saturated analog delay to a raunchy vintage-inspired overdrive, GENOME’s expanding suite of PEDALS guarantees to add a primo edge to any performance, Taking inspiration from legends in the pedal game, the power tweak your tone with every mainstay control you demand and create your ultimate virtual board is ripe for the taking!

Ping Pong Delay

Much like you can't have Ying without Yang, no one wants Ping without Pong. Enter GENOME’s full-featured Ping Pong Delay, delivering everything you demand from a PEDAL format fuss-free stereo Delay. Front-and-centre, every mainstay delay-centric control you’d expect is here, plus a raft of unique innovations including a “GROOVE” control to switch up the time-relationship between Ping and Pong repeats for next-level creative rhythmic interplay. In short, if you’re seeking the ultimate fuss-free stereo delay, this is one component you will certainly turn to time-and-time again. 

Looking for some pre-amplifier PEDAL format tone shaping and a boost that guarantees to revoice your TSM Amp or CODEX capture with J3D1-like precision? Well Tone Heads, this is most certainly the droid (ehem.) PEDAL you’ve been looking for! Introducing Saber, a Clean Boost and Tone Shaping component that’s free with GENOME v1.2. Fusing dedicated controls for FORCE (Gain) and DARK/LIGHT (Tone), this aint no trap - on the contrary, it’s primo tone in a snap! So, young Padawan, which path will you tread: the way of the righteous light-side vanguard or that of a nefarious dark-side renegade?

Taking inspiration from the legendary MXR® Carbon Copy, the Dupe Delay delivers the epitome of a rich bucket-brigade delay brimming with all the warm overtones you demand from such an iconic pedal-board mainstay. Featuring dedicated TIME, DRY/WET and RATE controls - plus a handy MOD re-voicing switch and up to 600 ms of delay time - the Dupe Delay is primed for everything from an expansive Gilmour-inspired wash or a subtle slapback to sit your tone perfectly in any pocket!

Inspired by the legendary EHX® Big Muff Pi, the Big Fuzz packs BIG tone shaping potential with its rich, buttery, string-esc sustain, complete with all the spit and life-like fuzz your performance demands. With dedicated controls for Volume, Tone and Sustain/Distortion amount, everything from a subtle muted saturation to a full-throttle balls-to-the-wall Fuzz-fuelled onslaught is ripe for the taking!

Inspired by the MXR® Phase 90, this component delivers an iconic tone incarnate - tone (we might add) that’s been a mainstay on the boards for legends for over 4 decades! More often than not, simplicity is often the spark for the greatest creative exploits; following this ethos, the 9-Phase delivers single knob control taking your tone from a nuanced phased shimmer to a meteoric cosmic swoosh and everywhere in between. In short, if you're in the market for a fuss-free Phaser that continues to define - and redefine - the sound of generations of musicians, the 9-Phase is a certified must-have!

Inspired by the iconic Ibanez® TS9 Tube Screamer, the Green Meanie delivers the same mid-range hump, next-level dynamic response and sublime drive that’s perfect for front-loading an amplifier and cutting your tone through any mix!

Taking inspiration from the iconic and much-revered Klon® Centaur, the Klonataur delivers the same expansive tone with notes akin to tube clipping - all underpinned with the richness and dynamics that made the Centaur so popular with pedal aficionados. At low gain, prepare yourself for a semi-transparent boost with a touch of breakup; push the gain, and enter a world of pure hard-clipped distortion - all blended to perfection with your clean, unaffected signal and brimming with harmonically-rich saturation in all the right places!

Inspired by the original Marshall® Blues Breaker, the RaunchMaker delivers the same buttery smooth tone, warmth and full-bodied harmonic saturation to deliver the pinnacle in expressive tone shaping. Inspired by the amp and sultry sonics of the one-and-only Eric Clapton, the RaunchMaker is primed for frontloading CODEX or our TSM Amplifiers for next-level bluesy leads, complete with all clarity and sparkle your performance demands.

Inspired by the ProCo® RAT, Vermin redefines any expectations of what a versatile distortion pedal should be. Whether it’s a primary distortion for an expansive high-gain onslaught, a “dirty channel” supplement for your existing amp rig, or simply a flavour-packed boost, Vermin delivers on all mandates. Plus, with an onboard FILTER control, taming any nuisance high frequency content to sit your tone in any pocket couldn't be simpler!

Taking inspiration from the 1981-born Boss® SD-1 Super Overdrive, the Ultra Drive faithfully reproduces the classic asymmetrical clipping circuit for iconic tube-like overdriven sonics. Perfect for front-loading clean and saturated amps alike, the Ultra Drive’s mild-to-moderate drive - complete with a cutting mid-range and a super-tight low-end - is primed for everything from overdriven bluesy raunch or a searing lead tone that cuts through any mix! High gain aficionados, don't think of the Ultra Drive as a one-trick-pony! It’s perfect for adding clarity, bite and tightness to even the most gain-fuelled amp!

Inspired by the 70’s-born DOD® Overdrive Preamp 250, the D-250 replicates every subtlety of the period-authentic LM741 OpAmp, covering everything from a transparent boost to a gritty full-throttle saturated distortion. Whether it’s some authentic 70’s driven mojo, or a distinctive OD-Boost that’s perfect for revoicing your amplifier on-the-fly, the D-250’s simplified control layout guarantees to get your tone where it needs to be fast!

Every pedal enthusiast knows, no board would be complete with a graphic-style EQ. That’s why GENOME ships as standard with Bass-Q, a 7 band graphic EQ, spec’d to dial in the perfect pre-amplifier bass EQ in a snap!

Every pedal enthusiast knows, no board would be complete with a graphic-style EQ. That’s why GENOME ships as standard with Guitar-Q, a 7 band graphic EQ, spec’d to dial in the perfect pre-amplifier Guitar EQ in a snap!

Looking for expert level volume control, the V-1 is the answer! Complete with Heel and Toe scaling, it’s primed to give you immediate control whenever and wherever you need it!

Inspired by the infamous Jim Dunlop® Cry Baby®, WahBaby delivers all the Wah-tastic tone akin to this certified legend in the pedal annals, all enhanced with a smattering of handy performance customisations thrown-in for good measure. It’s a stone hard fact: the original Cry Baby® is the world’s most iconic guitar effect; introduced in 1966, it immediately empowered players with all-new untapped dimensions of expressive capability - spearheaded by titans including Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton no less! Today, no board would be complete without one - so, why should GENOME be any different? With WahBaby, expect the very same expansive and expressive character of the iconic Cry Baby® - plus configurable Heel & Toe scaling and customisations for on/off behaviour - making this a bonafide essential in your GENOME tonal arsenal!


Total Control – Sublime Definition – Crystalline Clarity. Your tone demands nothing short of perfection. The recipe for a tonal A-Game is simple: GENOME’s suite of studio-grade effects, developed specifically for the forward-thinking player. Whether it’s must-have dynamic control, modulation, spatial effects or corrective processing, GENOME’s STUDIO FX Suite delivers on any mandate.

DynIR™ Engine

Conquering the dividing line between sublime authenticity and uncompromising digital emulation, DynIR™ represents the pinnacle in virtual guitar- and bass-cabinet technology. Harnessing power equivalent to 160,000 studio- grade IR files, each Two notes DynIR™ can be shaped to the needs of even the most discerning tone chaser. With 8 mics per cabinet, dual mic-ing and 10K mic positions (front & back), unleashing your tone and finding your signature sound has never been simpler.

IR Loader

Purpose engineered to load static cabinet IR files - and featuring capacity for 2 static IRs per component instance - the IR loader is primed to load and adapt all your Mono or Stereo .wav, .aiff and .tur files to perfection.


Fusing dual-channel operation, tempo-synced & free-form delay times, comprehensive channel link facilities, dedicated channel filters and every mainstay you would expect from a studio-grade delay, creating anything from an ambient post-rock delay bed to a mix-cuttin’ slapback is ripe and ready for the taking.


Combining every mainstay control you demand from a studio verb, with an easy-to-use interface for expert-level tone-shaping, the STUDIO Reverb is primed for everything from an expansive cloud-like wash to a hyper-accurate room simulation.


In the market for a rich, liquid tone fused with fuss free operation? The STUDIO Chorus is a one-stop-shop! Whether it’s a smooth, subtle modulation or a dramatic contemporary ensemble with lashings of width, this GENOME component delivers everything you need in a format that keeps you focussed on your all-important performance!

STUDIO Vibrato

Want to add a touch of vibrato to your tone fast? The STUDIO Vibrato delivers on all counts! With an elegant 3-parameter operation, expertly-tuned to deliver contemporary and traditional modulations alike, the STUDIO Vibrato is a guaranteed final destination and a must-have in the modern guitarist’s sonic arsenal.

STUDIO Tremolo

Fusing Dynamic or Harmonic operation with every must-have control you demand, the STUDIO Tremolo is perfect for adding everything from 60’s surf-fuelled vibe to a hard cutting effect giving edge and definition to sustained chords.


Featuring selectable 6-stage operation and every mainstay demanded from a studio-grade phaser, the STUDIO Phaser component delivers everything from a subtle enhancing drift to a full-throttle ultra-wide stereo lead that guarantees a veritable fog of distinction.

STUDIO Flanger

From a mix-ready stereo sweetening effect brimming with subtle modulations to the most contemporary extreme flanging effects, the STUDIO Flanger with its raft of essential controls delivers on any - and every - flanger-centric need.

TSM™ Power Amp

Using our proprietary TSM™ technology, dive in and sculpt your tone with 4 separate tube models (6L6, EL34, EL84 and KT88) in Push- Pull / AB class, or Single Ended / A class configurations. In a nutshell, it’s everything you need to tweak to your heart’s content and enrich your tone with the undeniable mojo of an authentic clipping/compressed power section.


Featuring up-to 16 bands of operation, an intuitive layout complete with a visual analysis engine, band-isolate functionality and every main-stay control you would expect from a pro-grade parametric equaliser, the STUDIO EQ covers all your creative and corrective needs, whether it’s the all-important mixdown or honing the perfect live tone.

STUDIO Compressor

When it comes to surgical dynamic control, a full-featured Compressor is a certified must-have. Complete with every mainstay control demanded from a pro-grade compressor - plus lookahead and an ultra-intuitive visual analysis engine - the STUDIO Compressor is a one-stop-shop when it comes to complete control over your source signal’s dynamic content.

STUDIO Enhancer

We get it: when it comes to tone, primo dynamic- and tone-shaping tools are a certified must-have. Enter GENOME’s STUDIO Enhancer. Complete with ‘Thickness’ and ‘Brilliance’ controls to emphasise the low- and high-end sonic content of your DI signal respectively - plus a super-handy ‘Body’ encoder to dial in a fuller, more present tone - and all rudiments are well-and-truly set to push meteoric sonics whatever your next performance demands.

STUDIO Twin Tracker

Seeking a radical stereo makeover? Meet GENOME’s TWIN TRACKER - a cutting-edge stereo double tracking wunderkind. Simply fire-it-up to create a proxy - or ‘Virtual Guitarist’ - on the right channel in real-time!

STUDIO Exciter

Looking to add some low end definition or top-end sizzle to your tone? The STUDIO Exciter is just what the doctor ordered. Fusing a fuss-free interface and an expertly-tuned algorithm, the STUDIO Exciter guarantees to get your tone where you need it fast. The result? You spend less time tweaking and more time on the important business of playing!

Wall of Sound Post FX

For our legion of Wall of Sound users, we’ve engineered a specific component that replicates the Post FX suite included in industry standard poweramp modelling, cabinet emulation and virtual mic’ing plugin.

DynIR™ Virtual Cabinets

Looking for the pinnacle in virtual cabinet emulation? You’ve come to the right place! Fusing real-time microphone placement, front-and-back mic positioning and dual mic-ing per DynIR cabinet, finding your signature cab tone has never been simpler!

Brit Vint C

DynIR™ virtual cabinet inspired by a closed-back Marshall® Slash Signature 4x12 Guitar cabinet loaded with Celestion® 12” Vintage 30 speakers

Watt fanC

DynIR™ virtual cabinet inspired by a Hiwatt® HG212 Guitar cabinet loaded with Fane® 12” Axiom 12-100L speakers

Brit Vint O

DynIR™ virtual cabinet inspired by an open-back Marshall® Slash Signature Guitar cabinet loaded with Celestion® 12” Vintage 30 speakers


DynIR™ virtual cabinet inspired by a 9x10 Ampeg® V-9 Bass cabinet loaded with Eminence® 10” Custom speakers

Vibro V30

DynIR™ virtual cabinet inspired by a Fender® Vibrolux Blackface Guitar cabinet loaded with Celestion® 12” Vintage 30 speakers


Discover GENOME, the carrier class software ecosystem engineered to deliver the pinnacle in end-to-end tone shaping. Fusing an ever-growing roster of amplifiers, pedals, class-leading virtual cabinets and essential STUDIO FX, GENOME is your first – and final – destination for the ultimate in-the-box or hybrid backline.