The Tone Connoisseur Collection

Contains 11 DynIR Cabinets

The Tone Connoisseur Collection

Serious about your tone? Searching for the ultimate boutique-vibe in your next recording session or gig? If the answer’s yes, you owe it to your tone to enrich your DynIR arsenal with the Tone Connoisseur Collection.

Featuring all DynIRs from the Pete Thorn Artist Series ‘Signature Tones’ DynIR Collection, and the ever-popular Celestion – Suhr Cabinets Pack, this almighty collection guarantees to deliver the goods in epic fashion.

Whether it’s 1×12’s, 2×12’s, 4×12’s or even one of Pete’s hard-to-find rarities from his personal collection, The Tone Connoisseur Collection won’t disappoint. Oozing with must-have boutique flavor, refined precision and vibey Mojo that can’t be found anywhere else – if you consider yourself a connoisseur of tone, this pack’s a must-have for your library.

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