LoFi Jazz

Contains 10 DynIR Cabinets

LoFi Jazz

Introducing LoFi Jazz, a collection of DynIR cabinets curated for the discerning tone smith seeking the sonics and vibe synonymous with long forgotten audio formats brimming with lush low fidelity goodness.

Kick back, relax and imagine a warm summer’s evening, soundtracked by virtuosic licks in a boondocks jazz club. It’s inspiring, ethereal, pure and above all enlightening. Players such as George Benson, Al De Meola, Pat Methenay and many other exquisite musicians have realised their musical voice with a warm rich tone that transports each note into total sonic bliss. LoFi Jazz is that tone; a collection for the jazz-fiend and retro-inspired producer toeing the waters of a low-res, high-feel vista.

With cabinets inspired by Roland®, Fender®, AER®, VOX® and Mesa®, LoFi Jazz will perfect your tone and transport your sonics into the realms of LoFi-legend.

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