Revv Amplification Celestion® Pack

Contains 4 DynIR Cabinets

Revv Amplification Celestion® Pack

Introducing the Revv Amplification Celestion® Pack. The perfect blend of Revv’s unmatched, unique cabinet design with the record-ready sound of your favorite albums.

When designing the Torpedo-embedded Generator MK3 amplifiers, Revv President Dan Trudeau retro-fitted Celestion® speakers in his test cabinet – the Result was palpable: clarity, precision and that undeniable British-born mojo only Celestion® can provide.

If you’re seeking the pinnacle in tonal excellence, underpinned by iconic Celestion® Vintage 30 and Creamback 75 speakers, look no further than the all-new Revv Extended Collection – a sure fire guarantee for that instant “sound in your head” tone on your own recordings!

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