Brit Invasion

Contains 10 DynIR Cabinets

Brit Invasion

The Year, 1960.

Main-stream guitar music is dead.

4 lads from Liverpool obviously didn’t get the message!

They spawned the popular music revolution of a lifetime, at the wake of a scene that exploded from British clubs; a scene that marched to a back-beat of ground-breaking songs, powerful guitar tones and music that’s still influencing players today.

The Invasion came – the Invasion stayed! From the depths of Cavernous Clubs complete with their 2x12s in tow, to the screaming Stadiums filled with Hi-Wattage 4x12s, this is our our homage to the Brit Invasion. 10 cabs that will give you the tones that reinvented music, reinvigorated the Electric Guitar, and forever changed our world we live in.

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