The Vintage Rock Deluxe




DynIR Capture made from a Marshall® LeRock Marshall 2x12 vintage (vertical configuration with diagonal spe Guitar cabinet.
The capture was made on a 2x12 Closed-back cabinet loaded with speakers.

Microphones included with this DynIR Virtual Cabinet :

  • Cnd C800G
    Based on Sony C800G
  • Cnd M221F
    Based on Schoeps M221F
  • Cnd 49
    Based on Neumann® M49
  • Cnd Fet 47
    Based on Neumann® U47 FET
  • Cnd Tube 67
    Based on Neumann® U67
  • Cnd Tube 47
    Based on Neumann® U47
  • Phone Mic
    Based on Unbranded Vintage Telephone Handset
  • Rbn 4038
    Based on Coles Electroacoustics® 4038

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