Capture Master Complete Collection

Contains 356 DynIR Cabinets

Capture Master Complete Collection

From the UK, to Europe, to the grand old US-of-A, Two notes Capture Masters certainly know a thing or two about standout sonics! The inner circle of our highly-confidential DynIR capture process and battle-hardened black-belts when it comes to delivering the creme-de-la-creme from our extensive catalog, their guiding mantra is simple: hunt the hard-to-find, capture with the best outboard money can buy, harness the power of a primo studio space and deliver mic collections that afford seamless adaptability from the studio to the stage!

As we skyrocket past 700 DynIR Captures, we felt it was about dang time, we collate all our resident Capture Master releases into one gargantuan collection – meet the Capture Master Complete Collection.

Our Capture Masters are the undeniable Kung Fu masters of contemporary Guitar and Bass sonics, each delivering a unique flavour to elevate your tone to champion-level status. Whether it’s Hop Pole’s sensei-like precision exactitude, Mirador’s masterful finesse, Black Bear’s raw power, Diffusion Audio’s technical prowess or Noise Factory’s all-seeing eye when it comes to delivering only the super-rare, together, our Capture Masters elevate audio to a level of excellence that’s truly martial in its precision and impact!

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