Motor City: Classic RnB

Contains 10 DynIR Cabinets

Motor City: Classic RnB

Motown: Iconic melodies, the epitome of pop-oriented soul and proof that there is never too much tambourine. At two notes, we’re all about Mo-Tone: tone that formed the bedrock of some of the most authentic african-american soul music; tone that elevates an arrangement; tone that provides that undeniable mojo for the most memorable of riffs; and of course, tone that serves as a syncopathic powerhouse when it comes to the dancefloor-filling rhythms synonymous with one of the world’s most influential labels.

Introducing Motor City: Classic RnB. Packed with cabinets inspired by Fender®, Musicman®, Marshall®, Ampeg® and Fender®, this collection guarantees the definition, warmth and distinctive edge tone-smith’s seeking the legendary motown sound demand.

If you’re looking for the unbridled epitome of Motor City’s long-standing musical legacy, then our tribute to this wonderful scene is a must have in your tonal arsenal.

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