Noise Factory | Bring the Noise

Contains 44 DynIR Cabinets

Noise Factory | Bring the Noise

Noise Factory are a legendary capture master when it comes to DynIR, a pair of self-confessed recording and guitar-gear enthusiasts heralding from Wierde, Belgium. For nearly a decade their mission remains the same: Never stop experimenting and create captures that empower guitar players with everything they need to create – truly – exceptional tone!

Whether it’s the live- and studio-ready Bilateral Collection, a tribute to Bay Area’s Finest courtesy of the Bay Area Power Pack or just some cabinet must-haves that every tone chaser should add to their arsenal, their legacy of cabinets is truly a force to be reckoned with.

With Noise Factory’s “Bring the Noise” collection, experience every cabinet available in the Two notes store born from this iconic capture master. If you’re seeking clarity, precision and uncompromising articulation, that guarantees to add that special something to your tone, this almighty collection is just what the doctor ordered. Don’t settle for second best. Bring the Noise, Noise Factory Style!

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