Revv 1×12 Vintage 30


The Revv 1×12 Vintage 30 is an official capture from Revv Amplification – the internationally acclaimed Canadian manufacturer of handmade boutique amps, pedals, and cabinets, with a focus on mix-ready tones, reliability and problem-solving. When you need your tone to sit in exactly the right place in your mix, nothing beats Revv’s Celestion® Vintage 30-equipped 1×12″. This cabinet gives your tone the clarity and articulation it demands, without fighting all other instruments for position in the mix.

DynIR Capture made by Revv Amplification Inc from a Revv Amplification® 1x12 Guitar cabinet.
The capture was made on a 1x12 Closed-back cabinet loaded with Celestion® Celestion G12 Vintage 30 speakers.

Microphones included with this DynIR Virtual Cabinet :

  • Dyn 421
    Based on Sennheiser® MD421
  • Rbn 121
    Based on Royer® R-121
  • Dyn 57
    Based on Shure® SM57
  • Dyn 7b
    Based on Shure® SM7B
  • Cnd Fet 47
    Based on Neumann® U47 FET
  • Cnd Spirit
    Based on Aston® Spirit
  • Cnd Tube M4
    Based on Miktek® CV4
  • Rbn R10
    Based on Royer R10

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