Lazy Days

Contains 10 DynIR Cabinets

Lazy Days

Kick back, relax and take things down a gear with our latest DynIR cabinet collection – Lazy Days.

The legendary American Clean tone; it’s bright, mid-scooped, rich in all the right places and the perfect foundation for everything from a fuzz-driven wall of sound to some blues-fuelled overdriven rauch. The brand that sits at the heart of this o-so pure of tones: Fender®. Pushing a characteristic broad frequency response, deep, defined lows and a vibrant, articulate top end, they’re a mainstay on countless stages and studios internationally. Lazy Days is our tribute to this iconic brand and the legendary tone synonymous with it.

Featuring 10 exquisite captures inspired by Fender® – not to mention a handful of staff favorite uber-clean cabs from our catalogue – everything the clean-only purist demands is here. Whether it’s Jensen® 12″ P12Ns or vintage Fender® 12″ Utah drivers, this collection is certified-authentic when it comes to the speakers our Capture Masters procured in pulling together these DynIRs; top this with a stellar mic selection and pro-grade outboard across every stage of the signal, and the results are simply breathtaking.

For the player seeking the epitome of a standout sparkling clean, Lazy Days primes you with everything you need to craft your primo signature clean tone.

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