Contains 15 DynIR Cabinets


It’s time to dive headfirst into retrofuturistic tonal carnage with our latest DynIR assemblage, SteamPunk.

It’s a stone hard fact: no genre complements SteamPunk culture better than Industrial Metal. It’s powerful. It’s relentless. It’s the epitome of tuned, surgical tone that’s rooted in heavy sync and percussive repetition. If you’re in the market for tones inspired by legends in the field including Ministry, Marilyn Mason and Nine Inch Nails, this pack knocks-it-out-the-proverbial-park.

Brimming with official brand releases from Victory®, Fortin®, Orange® and Engl®, plus a raft of Capture Master essentials inspired by Marshall® and Ampeg® to name but a few – lest we forget the entire Ministry | Hot Rod DynIR cabinet collection – it’s everything the aspiring SteamPunk-ateer demands, the creme-de-la-creme when it comes to Two notes certified grade-A guitar and bass sonics!

So what are you waiting for? Take the plunge and empower your tonal armoury with everything you need to conjure images of sci-fi’s greatest parallel universe, brimming with anachronistic technologies and the undeniable scent of “what could have been”!

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