Jim’s Workbench

Contains 10 DynIR Cabinets

Jim’s Workbench

September 1962. A boutique West London music shop showcased a prototype of an amp they had been experimenting with. At closing time, that amp prompted 23 orders and the legend of Marshall® Amplification was born.

Fast forward 60 years and Marshall® stands apart. They’re not only synonymous with legendary tone, but one of – if not the – most iconic Rock ‘n Roll brands in the World.

To celebrate this epic milestone – their Diamond Anniversary – we’re proud to present the finest, the sweetest and the most iconic Marshall®-inspired cabs from our expansive collection: introducing Jim’s Workbench.

Take it from us, there’s nothing but super-rare, hard-to-find tone here. First, the Pullback: an early 70’s closed back 4×12 with G12Ms. Next, the BlackRose: a closed back 4×10 with Fanes. For purveyors of primo artist level sonics, there’s the new-for-2022 Stevens Brit 71: a 1971 V30 loaded 4×12″. Who could forget the best-selling PurpleHaze: a tall box 1982B 4×12″ with Greenbacks. Of couse there’s the Lynch VH2, the iconic 4×12″ with D120F Orange Fame speakers as once owned by none-other-than EVH. From Michael Nielson, there’s the BHG British V 1960B 4×12″ with Vintage 30s. By now you’ve probably realised, this 10-cab strong collection is no run-of-the-mill release.

It’s a fact: there’s only ever going to be one Marshall® Amps. Their lineage and genre-defining tone is the proverbial lynchpin in the world of modern guitar-driven music, inspiring countless generations to redefine the pop-culture landscape. This is your chance to own a piece of that history, delivered straight from Jim’s Workbench!

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