The Complete Collection for Bass

Contains 89 DynIR Cabinets

The Complete Collection for Bass

The Complete Collection for Bass brings ALL the bass DynIR Virtual Cabinets available to your license in one click. Get the biggest deal possible on the Two notes Store for bass cabinets with this pack and save a ton!

50 years of bass cabinet history are gathered in this pack. From the compact cabinets to massive 9x10s, you will find the classics, the oddities, but most surely, you will find your tone.

We currently have 87 bass cabinets for you to play on.

(*)New cabinets will be added to the Complete Collection for Bass Pack when they are released. These new cabinets are not added for free to any user’s license who has already bought the pack. The price of the Complete Pack will increase accordingly following the addition of new cabinets.

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