Ministry D Amour Peg 810 Origin


The Ministry D’Amour Peg 810 Origin is part of the official Ministry Artist-Series HotRod DynIR cabinet collection, inspired by – and captured from – Paul D’Amour’s Ampeg® 8×10 cab outfitted with an octet of stock drivers.

It’s a stone-hard fact: Paul D’Amour is legendary within the world of contemporary bass sonics. Originally a guitar player from Spokane, Washington, he rose to notoriety as the original bass player for progressive metal pioneers Tool. His tone: immediately recognisable; founded on aggressive picked technique, the resultant sound pushes a rhythm-fuelled bedrock that cuts through any mix. Whether it’s his work with Replicants, Lusk, his solo project Feersum Ennjin or more recent performances with Lesser Key and Ministry, one thing’s for certain: Paul understands stellar stand-out bass sonics!

When it comes to bass tone, there is one cab that is coveted more than any other – the aptly nicknamed Fridge. It owns the stage, pushing well rounded sonics backed by boat-loads of punch thanks to Ampeg®’s Infinite Baffle™ technology. Its transient attack is sublime, resulting in a tone that’s felt at your very core. Its pin-point focus and dispersion gives untold options offering seamless adoption across any genre or tonal need. In short, it’s the motherload of bass rigs, towering above it’s counterparts and a nefarious contender for ultimate go-to of the playing elite.

Part of the Ministry | HotRod DynIR Cabinet collection, the Ministry D’Amour Peg 810 Origin has been expertly captured at Stagg Street Studio, LA, using pro-grade recording peripherals and a mic collection that assures the utmost versatility from the studio to the stage!

DynIR Capture made by Ministry from a Ampeg® Inspired Ampeg 810E Bass cabinet.
The capture was made on a 8x10 Open-back cabinet loaded with Ampeg 10" Ampeg Custom Designed speakers.

Microphones included with this DynIR Virtual Cabinet :

  • Dyn 421
    Based on Sennheiser® MD421
  • Dyn Bass20
    Based on Electro-Voice® RE20
  • Rbn 121
    Based on Royer® R-121
  • Dyn Bass52
    Based on Shure® Beta 52
  • Dyn 57
    Based on Shure® SM57
  • Dyn Bass112
    Based on AKG® D112
  • Cnd Tube 67
    Based on Neumann® U67
  • Cnd BULS414
    Based on AKG® C414 B-ULS

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