Ministry Soto Brit 412 Green


The Ministry Soto Brit 412 Green is part of the official Ministry Artist-Series HotRod DynIR cabinet collection, inspired by – and captured from – Cesar Soto’s Marshall® straight 4×12 outfitted with a quartet of Celestion® G12M Greenback drivers.

Cesar Soto is a pillar in the modern world of iconic guitar sonics. Cuttin’ his teeth in West Texas-based heavy metal band PISSING RAZORS (Noise Records/Modern Music Ltd), his critically-acclaimed career is a veritable force to be reckoned with. With a slew of releases and headline international tours under his belt – including a series of original projects, notably YEARS of COLD, THE SIXTH and GORILLA DEATHBOX – today Ceasar takes the mantle of axe-man for grammy-nominated Industrial pioneers Ministry and a stone-hard arbiter of standout guitar sonics.

When you’re in the market for a broad mid-range attack and a supremely controlled top-end for the pinnacle in punch and searing lead tones to boot, the iconic Greenback is the certified players choice. It gets the very best out of your amp’s gain staging and offers superior definition that guarantees every subtle nuance of your performance is delivered in pin-point precision. When retrofitted into a thunderous Marshall® 4×12 enclosure, expect the epitome of a rock / alt-rock tone that guarantees to stand its ground when it comes to the heavier side of a drop tuned onslaught.

Part of the Ministry | HotRod DynIR Cabinet collection, the Ministry Soto Brit 412 Green has been expertly captured at Stagg Street Studio, LA, using pro-grade recording peripherals and a mic collection that assures the utmost versatility from the studio to the stage!

DynIR Capture made by Ministry from a Marshall® Marshall 1960 BX Guitar cabinet.
The capture was made on a 4x12 Closed-back cabinet loaded with Celestion® 12" G12M-25 Greenback speakers.

Microphones included with this DynIR Virtual Cabinet :

  • Dyn 421
    Based on Sennheiser® MD421
  • Rbn 121
    Based on Royer® R-121
  • Dyn 57
    Based on Shure® SM57
  • Cnd CM12
    Based on Wunder Audio® CM12
  • Cnd Tube 67
    Based on Neumann® U67
  • Dyn 441
    Based on Sennheiser® MD441
  • Cnd BULS414
    Based on AKG® C414 B-ULS
  • Cnd 49
    Based on Neumann® M49

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