Echo Chambers


About Echo Chambers

When it comes to standout guitar sonics, every player knows a primo Delay is a certified must have! That begs the question: which Delay is right for you? Well, worry no more tone-head, all thanks to our latest GENOME Component Pack “Echo Chambers”! Pulling our new-for-2024 Dupe Delay Pro and Astro Repeater into one Super Saver assemblage, you’re primed with pinnacle in our PEDAL and STUDIO FX tone-bending knowhow, primed and ready to deliver on all your delay-centric needs!

First up, there’s Astro Repeater, a premium Tape Echo and Spring Reverb inspired by the legendary Roland® Space Echo RE-201. Originally released in 1974, the Space Echo was immediately coveted by studio-heads and tone-smiths for its unique character and sheer versatility when it comes to adding an otherworldly texture to any source. With Astro Repeater, the very same flexibility and tonal-stylings are primed-and-ready to transport your RIG to another dimension!

Next, there’s the big brother to GENOME’s ever-popular Dupe Delay, Dupe Delay Pro! In short, it’s the lovechild of two of the most sought-after pedal-format delay effects, making this a bonafide essential in your GENOME backline. Taking inspiration from MXR®’s legendary Carbon Copy and DOD®’s iconic Rubberneck, expect the epitome of quintessential BBD sonics, all packaged in a fuss-free PEDAL component format.

Included in this Component Pack

Echo Chambers

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