10 thoughts on “Getting to know Torpedo Remote

  1. James White says:

    I have a Two Notes CaptorX. What is the best way to control the output volume via pedal or foot switch?

  2. John Pannella says:

    Hello, I own a Revv D20 guitar amplifier which comes with 6 Two Notes DynIR’s loaded. I have the ability to replace any or all of what came with the amp with other Two Notes DynIR’s using the Torpedo remote. I cannot figure out how to do it. I have tried several times (Amp is connect to Torpedo remote), I can see all the other DynIR’s I have purchased but I cannot figure out how to load them into the Revv D20. Can someone help me and/or explain how to do it?

    • ross says:

      Hi John, Ross from Two notes here! First pleased connect your Amp to the Desktop variant of Torpedo Remote and then navigate to the cabinet manager tab. Here you will be able to select which cabinets are installed on the unit from your library. Let us know if this helps and if there is anything else we can clarify, please let us know!

  3. Robb says:

    Using the built-in Two Notes Remote on my Revv G20, I get a serious volume increase when switching from the clean to the gain channel. How can I level the volume and SAVE it? I can tweak the microphone output, but for some reason it does not stick when you switch away from the channel, even if the preset is saved. It kind of makes Remote useless unless I want to use only one channel. For songs that have clean and gain parts, I can’t use Remote because of the crazy volume disparity.

    • ross says:

      Hi Robb, Thanks for getting in touch. This is indeed very strange behaviour – may I confirm whether you are using any MIDI in your setup please?

      • Robb says:

        Hi, Ross. I am not using MIDI, but I was able to figure it out and the REVV folks confirmed. The problem was that the amp cannot distinguish the preset level of one preset on both channels. I had to create two presets and then save each to the corresponding clean/gain channel. That did the trick. Thank you for your assistance. Robb

  4. Michael Winfield says:

    I am using a Revv G20 with the Two-Notes Torpedo Remote software. I noticed in the software settings on my laptop that I can change the MIDI channel for the Two-Notes. Why would I want to do that. I have changed the G20 MIDI channel to 7 to be compatible with my other MIDI devices. Do I also have to change the Two-Notes software to a certain MIDI channel?

    • ross says:

      Thanks for getting in touch Michael – Ross from Two notes here. In terms of the software change, this is simply for the Two notes DSP that is inside your G20 that you may want to control separately to the other non-Two notes MIDI functions in your amp. If all is working how you need it, I would advise that no change is necessary!

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