[ENGLISH] Our cab sim plugin Torpedo Wall of Sound works on Apple M1 computers if the Rosetta app is installed. Here is Apple’s procedure to install Rosetta:   [FRENCH] Notre plugin de simulation d’enceintes Torpedo Wall of Sound fonctionne avec les ordinateurs Apple M1 si l’application Rosetta y est installée. Voici la procédure donnée par Apple pour Rosetta:

8 thoughts on “Wall of Sound – Apple M1 compatibility

      • Uğur Öktem says:

        Hi Jason,

        Will Genome be an upgrade (free or payed) from WoS; or will it be released as a completely new simulator? Will WoS owners be completely abandoning their system for the sake of M1 compatibility?

        • Jason Wilding says:

          Genome will be a completely new product, but if you are experienced in Wall of Sound you will be able to navigate it very quickly and enjoy all the new features it brings! Genome represents a massive upgrade from WoS, so it will be an easy decision to make!

  1. Callum says:

    I’ve recently bought a Captor 16 and I’ve been trying to download WoS. I’ve found out it’s not compatible with M1 and Monterey. I’ve looked at signing up for the Genome beta, but the link isn’t working for me. Anyone help?

    • Jason Wilding says:

      Hey Callum, can you contact us through the helpdesk please – we can get you up and running! support.two-notes.com

      Thank you!

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