This just in ToneHeads! GENOME Update v1.3 is now available for download, offering a raft of performance and stability enhancements, new Premium Components and an All-New Ai-Amp Category! So, What’s included?


The following new features have been added to GENOME as of v1.3

Free Components 

    • The Ping Pong Delay PEDAL has been added to GENOME’s stock Component arsenal

Premium Components 

    • The following have been added to GENOME’s Premium purchasable Component roster:
      • The HEꓘTŌR TSM-Ai Amplifier 
      • The Astro Repeater STUDIO FX Component 
      • The Dupe Delay Pro PEDAL Component
    • Please note, Premium GENOME Components require a Two notes account and a full license to GENOME in order to be purchased and used in a full-featured state. For pre-purchase demonstration purposes, Premium GENOME Components can be demoed for free within both a full-GENOME license variant and the 14-day GENOME trial


    • Facilities have been implemented for Component Drag & Drop between Components instantiated within GENOME’s lane architecture

Bug Fixes:

    • A fix has been implemented for users reporting crashes within GENOME’s DynIR Engine Component  
    • A fix has been implemented for users reporting sound discrepancies within GENOME’s DynIR Engine Component, specifically when moving the Component within GENOME’s lane architecture

To access the latest update, grab the installers below

New to GENOME? Check out our feature run-down video to get the 4-1-1 on our latest and greatest software ecosystem: 

Let’s Take a Deep Dive on our Premium AMPS, PEDALS & STUDIO FX

Seeking the ultimate custom GENOME experience? Look no further than our selection of premium AMPS, PEDALS and STUDIO FX, all engineered to provide you top-flight sonics and the essence of our tone-bending know-how. Available for purchase in addition to your GENOME licence – not to mention demo-able directly inside the latest version of our carrier class end-to-end tone shaping ecosystem – our Component add-ons are the definitive fast-track to building your very own bespoke GENOME backline! 

Get the low-down on our latest Premium Component Releases!

HEꓘTŌR – Just 19.99€/$

Enter the next evolution in GENOME’s premier amplifier component line-up – the TSM-Ai Series. Fusing immaculate proprietary AI captures, meticulously modelled tonestacks and expertly engineered power amp emulation, the TSM-Ai Series delivers on a singular mantra: empower players of all walks with unparalleled versatility and no-compromise authenticity to elevate any RIG to mainstage status. 

For our inaugural TSM-Ai release, may we present HEꓘTŌR – a super-versatile twin-channel behemoth, spec’d to deliver everything from a pristine clean to a super-tight gain-fuelled sonic bombardment. 

Inspired by the nefarious Laboga® Mr Hector, expect the very same ‘fat’ clean that breaks-up into sublime crunch on “Channel 1”, and – of course – an unrelenting gain-stage on “Channel 2” that’s a certified go-to for the player wading into Hard Rock and – even harder – Metal territory. Fuse this with dual expertly modelled tone-stacks complete with “Mid” and “Bright” switches, dedicated “Presence” controls per channel, and an arsenal of GENOME-exclusive tone-shaping enhancements, and HEꓘTŌR is a certified must-have for any tone-chaser’s arsenal. 

Looking to change up the poweramp configuration? We’ve thought of that, all courtesy of a defeatable poweramp stage. Simply load GENOME’s stock poweramp component post HEꓘTŌR and the tonal possibilities are virtually limitless! 

Astro Repeater – Just 49.99€/$

Introducing Astro Repeater, a premium Tape Echo and Spring Reverb inspired by the legendary Roland® Space Echo RE-201. Originally released in 1974, the Space Echo was immediately coveted by studio-heads and tone-smiths for its unique character and sheer versatility when it comes to adding an otherworldly texture to any source. With Astro Repeater, the very same flexibility and tonal-stylings are primed-and-ready to transport your RIG to another dimension!

Dupe Delay Pro – Just 19.99€/$

The big brother to GENOME’s ever-popular Dupe Delay, Dupe Delay Pro is the lovechild of two of the most sought-after pedal-format delay effects, making this a bonafide essential in your GENOME backline. Taking inspiration from MXR®’s legendary Carbon Copy and DOD®’s iconic Rubberneck, expect the epitome of quintessential BBD sonics, all packaged in a fuss-free PEDAL component format.

Ping Pong Delay – Free with GENOME v1.3!

Much like you can’t have Ying without Yang, no one wants Ping without Pong. Enter GENOME’s full-featured Ping Pong Delay, delivering everything you demand from a PEDAL format fuss-free stereo Delay. Front-and-centre, every mainstay delay-centric control you’d expect is here, plus a raft of unique innovations including a “GROOVE” control to switch up the time-relationship between Ping and Pong repeats for next-level creative rhythmic interplay. In short, if you’re seeking the ultimate fuss-free stereo delay, this is one component you will certainly turn to time-and-time again.

Looking to grab just these Components for Less? Meet GENOME EXTENSIONS!

Just looking for AMPS, PEDALS and STUDIO FX and bargain basement pricing? EXTENSIONS are a one-stop-shop!

Save BIG With Our Premium Component Collections

Looking to dive headfirst into our premium components for less? No sweat! We’ve compiled some staff hot picks into some super-saver bundles!

Getting Your Hands on GENOME

GENOME is available immediately from the Two notes store directly for just 79.99€/$79.99.

A free 14-day trial is also available for new customers and non-qualifying Two notes account holders.


Already a Two notes User? Grab your Free Copy of GENOME Today!

All existing registered Two notes software and Torpedo-embedded hardware users (inclusive of partner releases featuring Two notes embedded technology) are eligible for a free lifetime licence to GENOME. Click here for more info!

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