Metal Union

Contains 19 DynIR Cabinets

Metal Union

Forget about the European Union! This is Metal Union!

Everyone knows Europe has always been synonymous with high-gain and high-power! Driven by a wealth of manufacturers that continually push the envelope when it comes to amplifier and cabinet design, European-originated cabs grace studios and stages globally with a nefarious reputation to boot!

In tandem with the all-new Hughes & Kettner® Official DynIR release, we’re pleased to announce the time-limited Metal Union DynIR cabinet pack. 19 blistering 4×12” cabinet captures from Hughes & Kettner®, ENGL®, Laney® and Victory® primed and ready to enrich your tone with some classic European flavor.

Even better, you can level-up your tone arsenal with these heavyweight must-haves for only 99€.

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