Hughes & Kettner® VC 412 A25 Green


The Hughes & Kettner® VC 412 A25 Green is an official capture from Hughes and Kettner®, captured from a now-discontinued VC 412 A25 4×12” cabinet and part of the DynIRMeister Collection.

Part of Hughes and Kettner®’s Vintage Cabinet series, this unique 4×12 was equipped with tried-and-tested 25-watt Celestion® G12M Greenback drivers. If you’re in the market for defined chords and searing leads – without fizz – the VC 412 A25 Green delivers on all counts. It’s 110% pure rock tone. This cab is widely regarded as the perfect match to the legendary Trilogy and Switchblade amplifiers, delivering quintessential tone synonymous with the early hard rock era.

DynIR Capture made by Hughes & Kettner from a Hughes & Kettner® VC412A25 Guitar cabinet.
The capture was made on a 4x12 Closed-back cabinet loaded with Celestion® 12" G12M-25 Greenback speakers.

Microphones included with this DynIR Virtual Cabinet :

  • Dyn 421
    Based on Sennheiser® MD421
  • Rbn 160
    Based on beyerdynamic® M160
  • Dyn 57
    Based on Shure® SM57
  • Dyn Bass88
    Based on beyerdynamic® M88
  • Dyn 7b
    Based on Shure® SM7B
  • Cnd 4050
    Based on Audio Technica® AT4050
  • Dyn TG201
    Based on beyerdynamic® M201 TG
  • Dyn 700
    Based on beyerdynamic® M700

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