Celestion® Presents: The G12M-65 Creamback

Contains 5 DynIR Cabinets

Celestion® Presents: The G12M-65 Creamback

Celestion® warrants no introduction. Synonymous with flawless design, next-generation innovation and – above-all – immaculate tone, they have cemented themselves as the definitive go-to when it comes to top-flight guitar- and bass- sonics.

New-for-2023 is Celestion®’s official G12M-65 Creamback DynIR Collection, packed with 5 pristine captures to deliver the ultimate Torpedo-ready representation of this iconic driver. As expected, all the hallmarks of a Celestion® release are here: grade-A recording peripherals, a mic collection that affords seamless adaptability from the studio to the stage and – of course – an ethos fuelled by the pursuit of next-level tonal prowess.

When you’re seeking a legit icon in the world of contemporary guitar sonics, the original G12M stands apart. Unleashed in the mid-sixties, it was fast adopted by the playing elite (including Hendrix, Clapton, Beck & Page), serving as the perfect driver for the no-holds-barred blues-rock playing styles synonymous with that era. Fast-forward to today and the latest iteration – the G12M-65 Creamback – replicates the same “woody” G12M tone but refined for greater power handling capability. The results are a vibey tone, brimming with vintage mojo, lashings of low end grunt, a warm vocal mid-range, crunchy upper-mids and sublime, refined highs. Put simply, this is legendary tone incarnate and a certified must-have for any discerning tone-chaser’s sonic arsenal.

Comprising one 4×12, two 1×12’s and two 2×12’s, everything the player seeking to add an unmistakable G12M Creamback edge to their performance is primed and ready for virtually any sonic exploit!

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