Cassette Tape Traders

Contains 10 DynIR Cabinets

Cassette Tape Traders

Grab your walkman and hit rewind with our latest tribute to the rafter rattling genre of Thrash Metal, courtesy of the Cassette Tape Traders DynIR cabinet collection!

In days of old – long before the information age – new music was discovered by sending the latest demo cassettes and proto-albums to a network of like minded friends all over the world. At the forefront of this syndication was the early Thrash scene; a scene that gained traction amidst a cacophony of cassette spools, transporting Bands such as Metallica, Anthrax, Slayer and Testament into the biggest arenas across the globe!

This is our tribute to that scene, packed with cabinets that deliver the power, precision and nefarious tight sonics synonymous with a genre that has forever changed the face of modern metal music. Featuring a curated selection of DynIRs inspired by Marshall®, Peavey®, Randall®, ENGL®, Diezel® and more, this is your ticket into the headbangers ball and so much more!

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