ENGL Amplification® is legendary within the hard-rock and metal circles, renowned for some of the world’s best all-tube heads, combos and cabinets. With an artist roster including Steve Morse (Deep Purple, Dixie Dregs), Paul Stanley (Kiss), Marty Friedman, Ritchie Blackmore, Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal (Sons of Apollo) and many others, it’s easy to see why ENGL Amplification® has become synonymous with rock-solid reliability and sublime, power-fueled tone!

New Introducing ENGL®’s X-Series!

10-Capture Strong Assemblage • The Ultimate Dual Driver Micing Experience • Inspired by Eminence®’s Texas Heat & Swamp Thang Drivers

ENGL® are back with a vengeance, unleashing their latest capture series to grace the Two notes Archives, the X-Series! Inspired by – and captured from – 5 ENGL® stock cabinets, all retrofitted with Eminence®’s Texas Heat and Swamp Thang drivers, this 10-capture strong assemblage delivers a one-stop-shop for tone connoisseurs seeking the ultimate dual driver micing experience. Better yet, ENGL® raided their legacy archive and unearthed a pair of gems – vintage 80’s E212 and E412 enclosures – both of which guarantee to deliver the perfect blend of super-rare vibe, power, presence and definition.

ENGL® X-Series

12 Grade-A captures inspired by Eminence®’s Texas Heat & Swamp Thang Drivers

So, what can you expect on the all important driver front?

First up, Eminence®’s Texas Heat – an all-American guitar speaker with a touch of British voicing thrown in for good measure. Pushing a well-rounded warm – and undeniably fat – tone, complete with lashings of top end bite and clarity, it’s primed for supreme bluesy sonics that guarantee to cut through any mix with ease.

Next, the titan-grade Swamp Thang, developed specifically for the player wading into hard rock and – even harder – metal territory. It’s super-powerful; it pushes a thick, full-range and surgically tuned frequency response for an uncompromising balls-to-the-wall tone; It packs the perfect blend of sublime articulation and lashings of meaty sustain; It straight-up laughs in the face of a drop-tuned 7-string onslaught. In short, this speaker is a triumph, residing magnitudes above its counterparts and a certified must-have for the modern high-gain enthusiast.

With every capture in the X Series medley, tonal versatility is the name of the game! Simply pull back the mic on any XS capture for an immediate switch-up of your sonics facilitated via the companion driver’s complementary voicing. Better yet, open GENOME and load counterpart captures in parallel for the ultimate twin-driver mic’ing experience – take it from us, it’s your fast-track to unleashing the full potential of any X-Series capture in all its might!

It’s a stone hard fact: If ENGL® puts their name on it, you can be damn sure it meets their exacting standards when it comes to the all-important tone department. From mean to clean, and everywhere in between, it’s well and truly time to level-up your collection with our selection of official ENGL Amplification® captures.

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