Slide The industry standard audio plug-in for virtual miking, power amp simulation and studio grade post effects with Two notes DynIR Technology.

With over 400 DynIR Virtual Cabinets available, each with 8 mics, there is no better way to record your guitar/bass tone and have the tone be consistent, perfect, every time.



Slide Slide Slide Torpedo Wall of Sound The ultimate Cabinet Simulator plug-in Torpedo Wall of Sound lets you stack up to 20 DynIR Cabinet channels, in stereo. Each channel comes with a perfectly modelled tube power amp emulation, 8 room acoustics and a wide variety of studio grade effects specifically tailored for shaping guitar tones to studio standards, easily.

Whether you are re-amping, using modelling, or going straight in from a preamp, Torpedo Wall of Sound is the final word.
From an Amp DI to a fully mixed tone, all from one place Wall of Sound The ultimate cab sim plug-in With Torpedo Wall of Sound, you have direct access to over 400 guitar and bass speaker cabinets from Mesa/Boogie®, Celestion®, Victory Amplification®, ENGL® and many more. Each cabinet is captured with our DynIR technology through 8 microphones carefully picked to bring out the uniqueness and character of the captured cabinet.

From industry-standard Dynamic microphones, to prestigious Condensers all the way to vintage exclusive Ribbons, there's a world of tones to explore within each DynIR Cabinet on Torpedo Wall of Sound.
Unlock your tone
with the perfect cabinet capture

Slide Mixing guitar & bass made easy Simulation Mode
Push the envelope with limitless creativity
Arcade Mode
Mix amazing guitar & bass tracks in minutes
With two separate interfaces, it's the plug-in that adapts to your workflow, not the other way around.
Arcade Mode - Find your tone, quickly and easily. A familiar and comfortable layout allowing you to dial in incredible studio grade tones within seconds. The most important controls are presented to you for an intuitive editing session. Sometimes, the simplest way is the most effective.
Simulation Mode - The power user's paradise. In simulation mode every thing is just there - every control, every parameter is there in a logical, studio, style. Enable effects, room changes and cabinets on the fly with full and complete control of everything. You have found a new favorite rabbit hole to fall into. Get started now
Torpedo Wall of Sound Torpedo Wall of Sound 2. 1.

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Download Torpedo Wall of Sound

Torpedo Wall of sound 4.4.3


All Torpedo Wall of Sound versions prior 4.4.0 are no longer working in Online mode. Please update your plug-in with version 4.4.0 below to avoid service interruption.

new in this version

  • Fixed AU validation issue (Logic Pro)
Release notes
MacOS X 10.9+
vst3 AU AAX Vst
Windows 64-bit
Windows 32-bit
vst3 aax VST
Need help choosing?
Torpedo Wall of Sound is available in multiple audio plug-in formats for maximum compatibility with Digital Audio Workstations (DAW).
There is no difference in the versions, so it's only about choosing the right plug-in format for the DAW you currently use.
On Windows computers, use the Windows 64-bit version of the plug-in (recommended).
VST3 : Cubase, Studio One, FL Studio, Ableton Live, Sonar and Reaper
AU : Logic and Garage Band  AAX : Pro Tools  |  VST : Reason