Engl® Presents: Leviathan

Contains 10 DynIR Cabinets

Engl® Presents: Leviathan

Engl Amplification® is legendary within the hard-rock and metal circles, renowned for some of the world’s best all-tube heads, combos and cabinets. With an artist roster including Steve Morse (Deep Purple, Dixie Dregs), Paul Stanley (Kiss), Marty Friedman, Ritchie Blackmore, Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal (Sons of Apollo) and many others, it’s easy to see why Engl Amplification® has become synonymous with rock-solid reliability and sublime, power-fueled tone!

Introducing Engl® Presents: Leviathan, a bonafide powerhouse assemblage featuring 10 Official-Engl 4×12 and 4x12XXL cabinets from Engl®’s legacy stock DynIR assortment, plus the new-for-2022 Signature #77, Sinister 5, Kentucky Rougarou and FrankenCabs collections.

Featuring pristine captures inspired by the Eminence®’s DV-77 Mick Thomson Signature, Hesu®’s harmonically-rich Demon, the legendary Swamp Thang, Celestion®’s heavyweight Redback or the certified “monster-of-rock G12K-100”, everything the player seeking leviathan-level tone is primed and ready for any heavier sonic exploit!

It’s a stone hard fact: If Engl puts their name on it, you can be damn sure it meets their exacting standards when it comes to the all-important tone department. From mean to clean, and everywhere in between, it’s well and truly time to level-up your collection with our selection of official Engl Amplification® captures.

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