This just in ToneHeads! GENOME Update v1.2 is now available for download, offering a raft of performance and stability enhancements as well our first Premium Component Release! So, what’s included?


The following new features have been added to GENOME as of v1.2

Free Components 

    • The WahBaby PEDAL has been added to GENOME’s stock Component arsenal

Premium Components 

    • The following have been added to GENOME’s Premium purchasable Component roster:
      • The NIFTY65 TSM Amplifier 
      • The INDY TSM Amplifier 
      • The TetraVerb STUDIO FX Component 
      • The Spring ‘63 PEDAL Component
    • Please note, Premium GENOME Components require a Two notes account and a full license to GENOME in order to be purchased and used in a full-featured state. For pre-purchase demonstration purposes, Premium GENOME Components can be demoed for free within both a full-GENOME license variant and the 14-day GENOME trial


    • Facilities permitting Copy/Cut/Paste actions for Component Blocks have been implemented

Bug Fixes:

    • Performance enhancements for users reporting UI-centric discrepancies when running multiple instances of GENOME have been implemented 
    • A fix has been implemented for users reporting failed log-in attempts when entering spaces before or after login credentials 
    • An issue reported by some users relating to a reversed slope parameter on the STUDIO Delay has been addressed 
    • An issue reported by some ProTools users where bypassing GENOME on a Mono track results in a left Mono signal only has been addressed 
    • An issue reported by some users where CODEX maintains a Mono/Stereo downmix when bypassed has been addressed 
    • A significantly improved upsampling strategy has been implemented within CODEX 
    • Various other performance and workflow enhancements


To access the latest update, grab the installers below

New to GENOME? Check out our feature run-down video to get the 4-1-1 on our latest and greatest software ecosystem: 

Let’s Take a Deep Dive on our Premium AMPS, PEDALS & STUDIO FX

Seeking the ultimate custom GENOME experience? Look no further than our selection of premium AMPS, PEDALS and STUDIO FX, all engineered to provide you top-flight sonics and the essence of our tone-bending know-how. Available for purchase in addition to your GENOME licence – not to mention demo-able directly inside the latest version of our carrier class end-to-end tone shaping ecosystem – our Component add-ons are the definitive fast-track to building your very own bespoke GENOME backline! 

Get the low-down on our latest Premium Component Releases!

TetraVerb – Just 49.99€/$

Whether it’s embellishing your tone with a smattering of authentic retro vibe, or simply harnessing the one-of-a-kind gritty texture akin to a studio-grade Spring Reverb, GENOME’s premium TetraVerb STUDIO FX component delivers on any mandate.

Inspired by iconic reverb units including Fender®’s ‘63 Tube Reverb Unit, Roland’s RE-201 Spring component and Gibbs® embedded tank legacy, TetraVerb has been engineered to empower players of all walks with the crux of a modern day verb legacy.

Packing 4 spring models (including Short, Balanced, Lush and Vintage), there’s a smorgasbord of flavors to excite your creativity from the word “go”. For the tone-tweakers, every mainstay control you demand from a studio-grade Spring Reverb is here: from dialling in your Spring Tension, Resonance, Tone or Width, to cutting your verb through any mix on a dime with a handy “Spank” control, expect the epitome of a pro-spec control arsenal all engineered to get your tone where it needs to be, fast!

Add to all of this, a dedicated drive control to embellish your wet signal with all the analog warmth and saturation synonymous with a classic Spring tank, and you’re set for everything from vintage amp-inspired mojo to an immersive spring-infused wash.

Spring ‘63 – Just 19.99€/$

Looking to add some authentic retro vibe akin to a studio-grade Spring Reverb? Meet GENOME’s premium Spring ‘63 PEDAL Component! Packing essential spring-laden tonal prowess and a fuss-free control arsenal into one super-convenient package, Spring ‘63 guarantees to get your tone precisely where it needs to be, fast!

Taking inspiration from Fender®’s much revered ‘63 Tube Reverb Unit, expect all the warmth, clarity, control and immediately identifiable verb that defined – and continues to redefine – the sound of a generation.

The name of the game with Spring ‘63? Ease-of-use! Pushing a trio of expertly-tuned controls, it’s everything you need to immediately switch up your tone from a mix-cuttin’ slap-back to an expansive wash at the turn of a dial. First up, there’s “Intensity”: a handy parameter to drive the input of the Spring tank resulting in extended spring movement and decay. Next, the all important “Mixer”: an essential control that defines the wet/dry relationship between your affected and unaffected signals respectively. Finally, there’s the “Tone” control: – in a nutshell, it’s a perfectly tuned presence boost and everything you need to push your verb front-and-centre, letting you cut through any mix with ease!

Ripe for front-loading GENOME’s AMP arsenal. or placing between your AMP and Cabinet Components, the Spring ‘63 PEDAL component is a certified must-have for your tonal arsenal; better yet, if you’re seeking the ultimate solution for injecting some fuss-free vintage amp-inspired mojo into your tone, Spring ‘63 is a one-stop-shop!

NIFTY65 – Just 19.99€/$

We get it: when it comes to contemporary metal and modern hard-rock, nothing but the perfect blend of raw tone, explosive dynamics and expansive gain staging will suffice. For players in the market for such “balls-to-the-wall” high-gain sonics – all cemented on a bedrock of unrelenting power and deft note articulation – NIFTY65 is a first (and final) destination.

INDY – Just 19.99€/$

In the market for a present, punchy, well-rounded and forward projecting tone that breaks into warm saturation for the ultimate edge-of-breakup tone? INDY is just what the doctor ordered. Primed for everything from a saturated clean brimming with complex overtones to an alt-slant on a pedal-platform amp engineered to take GENOME’s stomp-box arsenal like a dream, INDY is a one-stop-shop for players seeking the pinnacle in a pushed to the brink clean.

WahBaby – Free with GENOME v1.2!

Inspired by the infamous Jim Dunlop® Cry Baby, WahBaby delivers all the Wah-tastic tone akin to this certified legend in the pedal annals, all enhanced with a smattering of handy performance customisations thrown-in for good measure. It’s a stone hard fact: the original Cry Baby is the world’s most iconic guitar effect; introduced in 1966, it immediately empowered players with all-new untapped dimensions of expressive capability, spearheaded by titans including Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton no less! Today, no board would be complete without one – so, why should GENOME be any different? With WahBaby, expect the very same expansive and expressive character of the iconic Cry Baby – plus configurable Heel & Toe scaling and customisations for on/off behaviour for added tonal versatility and must-have control – making this a bonafide essential in your GENOME tonal arsenal!

Save BIG With Our Premium Component Collections

Looking to dive headfirst into our premium components for less? No sweat! We’ve compiled some staff hot picks into some super-saver bundles!

Getting Your Hands on GENOME

GENOME is available immediately from the Two notes store directly for just 79.99€/$79.99.
A free 14-day trial is also available for new customers and non-qualifying Two notes account holders.


Already a Two notes User? Grab your Free Copy of GENOME Today!

All existing registered Two notes software and Torpedo-embedded hardware users (inclusive of partner releases featuring Two notes embedded technology) are eligible for a free lifetime licence to GENOME. Click here for more info!

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