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The Two notes Torpedo Captor – the ultimate compact reactive loadbox

US Customer Announcement: Our US Two notes Web Store is now Live!

Whether you’re seeking to dive headfirst into the leading edge of virtual cabinet emulation or [...]


Get Rig Ready for Summer!

Two notes product portfolio graces studio and stages forming the bedrock of countless’ A-List Artist [...]

Sound is coming from inside my Torpedo, is that normal?

When you play your amplifier through a Torpedo product which embeds a reactive loadbox (Torpedo Captor [...]

Do you hear unwanted distortion with a Torpedo

When getting an unwanted distortion from your signal chain, the first thing to do is [...]

How to achieve a great clean tone with a Torpedo

Is your Torpedo not giving you the clean sound you want/expect? The clean channel of [...]

Differences between Captor X, Captor & C.A.B. M.?

The Torpedo Captor X compared to the Torpedo Captor running with a Torpedo C.A.B. M [...]


What is a load box?

When using a tube amplifier, you should always connect it to a speaker cabinet before [...]


Mismatching the impedance of your amp and load box?

The speaker output of a tube amp is designed to be matched to one (or [...]


Differences between the Captor and the Reload ?

The Torpedo Captor and the Torpedo Reload share some functionality (mainly the attenuator), but it [...]