Whether you’re seeking to dive headfirst into the leading edge of virtual cabinet emulation or you’re simply looking to get the very best out of your tube amp, Two notes Audio Engineering cant be overlooked. Based in Montpellier, France, and founded in 2008, we pride ourselves on being the leading purveyor of analog & digital load boxes, attenuators, tone-centric software solutions, pedal-format preamps and digital cabinet emulations. Our ethos is underpinned with one singular vision: to create solutions that inspire our customer’s creativity to make amazing music with flawless, controllable, tone.

We’re pleased to announce the launch of our US Webstore!


Head here today to see our latest deals and discover our groundbreaking lineup of DI-centric solutions!

The Two notes Line-up!

Within our roster, there is something for every player. First, Captor: the industry standard reactive load box, attenuator and Amp DI, engineered for the studio and live player to effortlessly capture their tube amp whilst running it at its absolute sweet spot. Next the iconic Captor X: a next generation DSP-loaded reactive load box that gives you everything you need for flawless tone, whatever the situation demands. Finally, for pedalboard fanatics, there’s the CAB M+, a IR / DynIR loader alongside a fully-fledged clean amp sim, that guarantees to elevate any board to legendary status.

New for 2022 is Two notes’ ReVolt Series – ReVolt Guitar and ReVolt Bass. These 3 channel all-analog guitar and bass amp simulators have been engineered with a singular mission: to empower players with the ultimate in pure, unadulterated foundation tone. Forget any preconceptions of a run-of-the-mill amp- in-a-box: the ReVolt Series stands-apart. Each model is inspired by a separate trio of iconic amps; they’re fuelled by 200V and genuine tube power; they are born to assimilate into a myriad of usage scenarios; in short, they represent everything you demand from a full-featured pedalboard format amp sim! Two notes’ gets it: Your Tone Matters. Why settle for anything short of perfection – the tonal revolution starts right here, right now.

All Two notes’ hardware is built around our acclaimed DynIR technology. Whether it’s hardware featuring Torpedo embedded DSP or the Torpedo Wall of Sound plug-in, DynIR is the most advanced yet easy-to-use cab sim technology available.

2 thoughts on “US Customer Announcement: Our US Two notes Web Store is now Live!

  1. Charley says:


    I bought yesterday a captor x 8 ohm to play with my marshall sc20c ( combo,20watts) amp, firstly for attenuating my amp which is loud when playing at home

    It seems that this amp is using a 16ohm speaker (according to the manual)
    My problem is that this amp is showing several connections possibility, with speaker out impedance levels being 4, 8 or 16ohm. So what should i do to have best sound while not damaging everything ?
    Connect my 8ohm captor x to the 8ohm or 16 ohm speaker out jack ?

    • ross says:

      Hi Charley, Ross from Two notes here. Please use the 8-Ohm output on your Amp. Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with today.

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