Pumpkin Spice

Contains 10 DynIR Cabinets

Pumpkin Spice

Psst… Looking for the good stuff? Tone with edge? Something to help you separate from the pack perhaps? Boy have we got you covered!

Introducing Pumpkin Spice, a nefarious collection of 10 exquisite captures, hand picked by the Two notes team to empower Alt-Rock, Grunge and Emo players with all the cacophonic fire-power every alt-performance demands! From searing leads primed for the most audacious of solos, through to ballsy sonics for rock-solid rhythmic prowess, everything the player treading the heavier side of guitar needs is here, primed and ready to deliver precision, power and – above all – stellar tone.

Featuring 10 expertly-captured DynIRs from the likes of Celestion® and Friedman®, not-to-mention heavyweight cabs inspired by Bogner®, Fender®, Mesa Engineering®, Vox®, Marshall® and much more, rest easy in the knowledge that every rudement of our top-secret, suprimo Pumpkin Spice recipe is yours for the taking!

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