Chug Life

Contains 10 DynIR Cabinets

Chug Life

Do you live for the breakdown, palm-muting your way to oblivion and hell-bent on breaking through the wall of an impending bout of carpal tunnel syndrome? Yes? Well, boy do we have the DynIR Collection for you.

Introducing Chug Life, a collection of 10 DynIRs that pay homage to the low-end. Fusing uncompromising articulation, pronounced mid-range bite and a sublime top end that guarantees you cut through even the most audacious bout of drum-fury from our percussive brethren, Chug Life delivers a must-have tone for the high-gain, high-power enthusiast.

Featuring captures inspired by Mesa Engineering®, Orange®, Morgan®, Fortin®, ENGL®, Revv® and so many more, Chug Life is your first- and last-port-of-call when delving into the world of hard-rock and metal. Shout your allegiance from the rooftops and wear your affiliation with pride; Chug Life is your ticket to life-long membership into a syndicate fuelled by no-compromise, unrelenting tone.

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