Thomas Weishäupl aka “The Bommel” is one of our longstanding, super-popular capture masters. For his inaugural release, Thomas had the opportunity to work inside an anechoic chamber, capturing the frequency response, polar plot and Thiele Small parameters of guitar speakers. The result was truly breathtaking – pure, unadulterated tone that countless tone-heads are now using in live and performance settings alike.

With his new-for-2023 “Vintage Vigilantes” collection, Thomas switched his focus to the ‘left-field and uber-rare’, empowering players with the same level of versatile tonal excellence users have come to expect from this legendary capture master.

Check out Thomas giving the 4-1-1 on his latest DynIR Release, Vintage Vigilantes

Introducing Bommel’s Vintage Vigilantes

Fusing the perfect blend of the super-rare and hard-to-come-by relics – not to mention non-traditional driver choices and a killer mic selection to boot – Bommel’s Vintage Vigilantes is primed to deliver tone that challenges the Status Quo without compromising the primo sonics this long-standing capture master is renowned for!

When it comes to enclosures, all we can say is ‘brace yourself’! There’s a Grundig® radio conversion, an Echolette® 2×12, a LifeSound® 2×12, a rare Bell and Howell® 1×12 and even a hard to come by RCA® 1×10. Add to this a driver arsenal including Redcatt®’s 121FIND, Celestion®’s Hempback, Eminence®’s Cannabis Rex and Visaton®’s HiFi spectacular W200S, and the match is well and truly set for mojo-fuelled sonics brimming with one-of-a-kind tonal prowess!

In short, if you’re a discerning tone-chaser that demands nothing short of perfection with a smattering of unique edge, this is one pack your tonal armoury can’t afford to be without!

Checkout Bommel’s Legacy Catalog

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