When it comes to contemporary Alt Rock, headline supremos Don Broco stand apart. Fusing catchy melodic stylings with unrelenting power, next-level songwriting and a boisterous attitude in the all-important tone department, Don Broco are an undeniable force to be reckoned with. When word hit Two notes HQ that resident Axe-smiths Simon Delaney and Tom Doyle were interested in a DynIR Release, it’s an understatement to say we jumped at the chance!

Watch the Making of The Don Broco Collection at Decoy Studios

The Don Broco Collection

All-New Artist-Series
Capture Featuring Seven Cabinets From Tom Doyle
and Si Delaney.

Introducing The Don Broco Collection

7 Captures • 2 Rigs • Captured at the Legendary Decoy Studios

Brace yourself, this is a release of titanic proportions! First up, the boys from Bedford didn’t disappoint in the all-important cab department. On the guitar front, there’s a trio of Marshall®-inspired 2×12’s outfitted with some of Celestion®’s finest including the Neo Creamback, Neo Copperback, G12M Greenback and Heritage Series G12-65. For the bass contingent there’s 2 EBS®-inspired captures featuring custom proprietary Neodymium drivers and an Ampeg®-inspired 2×10 outfitted with a pair of primo Eminence® ceramic speakers. In total there’s 7 next-level captures, 5 complete rigs (for players traversing the multi-speaker-verse) and a mic collection that guarantees seamless adaptation from the studio to the stage. In a nutshell, this latest addition to the Two notes Artist Series roster is a powder keg of next-level tonal excellence, delivering powerhouse-grade sonics to titillate all your tonal taste buds!

New Artist-Series Release: Introducing The Don Broco Collection

The Capture

So what about the venue for this illustrious capture? Boy did we luck out on this one! Situated in the majestic Suffolk countryside sits Decoy Studios – the phrase “high-end” really doesn’t do this facility justice. The sonics are – put simply – immaculate, and the expansive collection of Grade-A gear on tap is stuff recording engineer dreams are made of. Add our resident capture master Adam Steel (Hop Pole Studios) into the mix and the match was set for arguably one of our most audacious captures to date!

So what are you waiting for? If you’re in the market for primo sonics with enough edge to separate from the pack – lest we forget a level of tonal versatility that defies belief – the Don Broco Collection is a bonafide must-have for your tonal arsenal.

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