Your pedalboard is a direct reflection of your musical journey over what can be many years. You have carefully (and quite possibly not very quietly) made an awesome collection of pedals, where each individual and group interaction is precisely thought out and planned in order to make you sound like you and no one else.

Obviously, you want the right platform that will bring your tonal choices to the ears of others. You want to carry that tone everywhere and hear it faithfully reproduced anywhere.

The Torpedo C.A.B M+ is what you have been looking for – the perfect clean pedal-platform for your pedalboard.

The pedal-platform affirmation can only be true if gain, drive, and fuzz pedals fully express themselves. How does the C.A.B M+ take pedals? Most importantly, how does it take dirt pedals?

Thanks to Andy of the GuitarGeek Channel, your questions are answered. He has made a thorough comparison of boutique and classics of drive pedals, regrouped by genres, through the Torpedo C.A.B M+.

6 thoughts on “Torpedo C.A.B M+ is the perfect pedal-platform

  1. Nicolas says:

    Hi. Where can I upload more presets for the cab M +? I see that the Opus device has 60 more presets than the cab…. I would be interested to copy some of the opus presets features (what is not preamp dependant). Is there a forum of cab M users ?

  2. Baris Oktay says:

    Does cab m have preamp section as cab m+? Does software upgrade provide preamps on cab m? Are there any other differences?
    Thanks in advance for the reply

    • ross says:

      Hi Baris, Thanks for getting in touch – Ross from Two notes here. The Free software update for C.A.B. M will update the unit to the C.A.B. M+ specifications in it’s entirety including the Pre- and Power-amp emulation. Let us know if you have any other questions concerning this!

  3. Lorenzo says:

    Hi there,
    I love my cab m +. Great job guys.
    Quick question, can i use a looper pedal with it when i just use it as a pedalboard platform…?


    • ross says:

      Hi Lorenzo, Thanks for getting in touch and we are so pleased to hear you are enjoying C.A.B. M+. You can indeed and this can be placed wither before or after the unit. Is there anything else we can help you with today?

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