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Victory announces Kraken v4 pedal amp with Torpedo embedded

One of the most exciting things about Two notes is the endless opportunities it provides [...]


The basic steps to use the Wall of Sound plugin

How to set up and get started with the Two notes Torpedo Wall of Sound [...]


Want to leave your amp at home?

Want to leave your amp at home and sound awesome in every venue? [...]

Torpedo C.A.B M+ is the perfect pedal-platform

Your pedalboard is a direct reflection of your musical journey over what can be many [...]

Sound is coming from inside my Torpedo, is that normal?

When you play your amplifier through a Torpedo product which embeds a reactive loadbox (Torpedo Captor [...]

Do you hear unwanted distortion with a Torpedo

When getting an unwanted distortion from your signal chain, the first thing to do is [...]

How to achieve a great clean tone with a Torpedo

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What does RE-ACT™ mean in the Torpedo Reload?

Some attenuators are resistive, others are reactive, but most of them are passive. Passive means [...]