Revv Amplification


Heralding from Canada, Revv Amplification is a leading manufacturer of handmade boutique amps, pedals, and cabinets, all with a focus on mix-ready tones, reliability, and problem-solving. Revv quickly became known among discerning modern metal musicians like Jeff Loomis for their high gain clarity, and virtuosic country/blues players like Joey Landreth for their pristine clean and touch-sensitive crunch tones.

About Revv Amplification

Revv’s amplifiers are critically acclaimed for their unique and organic tone, widely adopted by discerning touring artists, session musicians, and producers internationally. Their current product lineup continues this heritage with a sway of amp-in-a-box pedals alongside premium lunchbox amps, namely the D20 & G20 – the world’s first-ever Two notes Torpedo-embedded amplifiers.

Revv’s flagship line – featuring the Generator 120, 100P, and 100R MK3 – provide a stellar update to their amplifier roster, adding stereo direct-XLR Torpedo-embedded outputs for zero-compromise cabless performance, not-to-mention embedded Noise Gate and Reverb. Revv’s partnership with Two notes Audio Engineering is long-standing – one that continues through a mutual commitment to releasing tonally unique, stage- and studio-ready Revv cabinets for players of all walks.