The Lost Cabinets Volume 2 | Stage Edition

Contains 8 DynIR Cabinets

The Lost Cabinets Volume 2 | Stage Edition

Brace yourself tone connoisseurs, this is a release of titanic proportions!

The illustrious Noise Factory are back with a followup to their immensely popular “Lost Cabinets” Collection! Engineered with the same overriding mantra to empower our legion of Tone Heads with super-rare sonics, this 8-capture strong collection delivers certified authentic vintage-inspired tone, primed for Two notes’ class-leading ecosystem.

We know what you’re thinking – let’s answer some of those pertinent questions right off the bat:
Were these cabs hard to find? Oh yes!
Are they super versatile? You’d better believe it!
Have they been captured to perfection? C’mon, it’s Noise Factory at the helm – of course they have!

With over 600 captures in our ever-growing DynIR library, some might argue there can’t be that much left to grace our archives? ¡Guess again hombre!

First up, there’s 8 captures inspired by the likes of Fender®, Ampeg®, ELK®, HH®, MusicMan®, Marshall®, Peavy® and Mesa Boogie®. Next, all the cabs and companion drivers are certified vintage, well-worn, reliced and – specification wise – period-authentic. Finally, Noise Factory elected to capture each cabinet using primo outboard and a stage-ready mic collection (Inclusive of an Audix® D6, a Shure® SM57, an Audio Technica® AT4050, a Sennheiser® MD421, a Beyerdynamic® M201, a Beyerdynamic® M88, a Sennheiser® E906 and a Shure® B52). The results are – put simply – divine; it’s the perfect blend of vibey mojo and nefarious adaptability that’s a sure-fire guarantee to give your next performance a veritable fog of distinction!

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