2022 was a killer year for DynIR Releases but we’re kick-starting 2023 with a down-right banger! 

Heralding from a one hundred year old beer cellar in Greater Manchester, UK, Hop Pole Studios / Adam Steel is Two notes’ most prolific and long-standing capture masters. A musician, mix engineer, YouTuber and resident capture master for the likes of Laney®, Victory® and more, Adam is our bonafide go-to when it comes to capturing some of our finest, high-profile releases to date! Expect a diverse assortment of hard-to-find cabs, all processed via a must-have mics and the crème de la crème when it comes to studio outboard – in short Adam delivers nothing short of standout sonics our users have come to expect from this legend in the Two notes catalogue. Adam, we salute you!

Introducing Titanica Britannica

Seeking the pinnacle oversized British-born sonics? Hop Pole / Adam Steel returns with a gargantuan release, packaged with no-holds-barred rafter rattlin’ guarantee!

In creating Titanica Britannica, Adam’s mantra was simple: fuse a tried-and-tested legacy of Capture Master know-how with the most exclusive, rare and (some might argue) crazy cabs to ever grace the Two notes archives. The result? Well, we seriously considered putting a warning label on this collection.

For starters, it’s packed with 7 primo captures from the same mind that brought you 2021’s ever-popular “Best of British” Collection – lest we forget the resident Capture Master for the likes of Victory®, Laney® and many more. Next, this is packed with a dynamite driver assemblage retrofitted into one-of-a-kind rarities and super-elusive cabinets. Brimming with DynIRs inspired by a Vox® 4×12″, a 4×10″ Marshall®, a 4×10″ Trace Elliot®, two custom Zilla® 6×12’s, a SAI® 4×15 and curveball Rock (not the genre folks) cabinet, this release guarantees to empower your performance with top-flight tone of titanic proportions.

Discover Titanica Britannica

Discover the Hop Pole Pack Catalogue

So what are you waiting for? It’s plain to see no stone was left unturned (quite-literally) in creating the Titanica Britannica DynIR Cabinet Collection. If you’re in the market for the pinnacle in primo oversized British born tone, these 7 captures are a certified must-have for your tonal armoury!

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