ReVolt Guitar and ReVolt Bass have exploded onto the scene with a raft of positive reviews and feedback from our influencer and user communities alike. If you’ve been living under a rock for the past 2 months, these 3 channel all-analog guitar and bass amp simulators have been engineered to deliver on a singular mission: to empower you with the pinnacle in foundation tone. 

We all agree, DI is convenient. It’s reliable. It’s a pure unadulterated tone that’s surgically controlled to the smallest iota. There’s just one snag; It lacks the all-important warmth synonymous with tube amps. The ReVolt Series’ 12AX7 preamp tube running at 200V has been expertly tuned to enrich your tone with undeniable tube mojo. The result is revolutionary. You retain all the convenience of a DI signal, now with the warmth, the bite, the all-important response only tubes can provide. 

At Two notes, we pride ourselves on listening to – and acting upon – the feedback from our valued user community. Better yet, we’re committed to making our all-new ReVolt Series the best they can possibly be. With this in mind, we’re elated to announce ReVolt Firmware Update v1.15, featuring a raft of stability and performance enhancement to ensure you get the absolute best out of your ReVolt device. 

Head here today to download the latest Firmware, installation guide and release notes!


ReVolt Firmware Update v1.15 adds the following stability and performance enhancements:

  • Fixed channel popping when switching between Channels 2 and 1 as reported by some users
  • Other minor bug fixes and stability improvements

6 thoughts on “ReVolt Series | Firmware Update v1.15 Available Now!

    • ross says:

      Hi Rob, Ross from Two notes here. Yes the Firmware is updated via MIDI – in the firmware download package there is a full ReadMe that guides you though this – let us know if you have any questions concerning this!

    • ross says:

      Hi Guillaume, Thanks for reaching out! Ross from Two notes here.
      We are able to action some updates via MIDI on the unit – the firmware itself does not effect the signal flow, rather it alters some of the switching functionality for a better user experience. Please let me know if there is anything else I can clarify for you today!

  1. Eric says:

    Is anything coming allowing the Revolt to work better with the Cab M in a live setting? It would be amazing to be able to trigger changing Cabs/Mics/Rooms/Gain per channel, and even the boosts within the channels, at the stomp of a foot switch. Loving the revolt btw, thanks!

    • ross says:

      Hi Eric, Thanks for getting in touch. At this stage there is nothing planned that we can officially comment on, however we will stay that we are always working on new and exciting developments so stay tuned for updates! 🙂

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