Victory Amplifiers®


Born in England, Victory®’s critically acclaimed amplifier and cabinet line offer the perfect blend of simplicity in operation, flexibility in use and zero compromise in the all important tone department.

Their aim is simple: to create amplifiers that inspire the creative core of any performance, underpinned with stellar sonics and night-after-night reliability. With an expansive line of official DynIRs available, covering all mainstays in their iconic cabinet line, expect second-to-none sonics fused with unrivalled tactile control over every facet of your cabinet’s tone.

Check out Nick J putting the New-for-2023 Victory DynIRs through their paces!

New Releases

2022 saw Victory® unleash a veritable horde of captures devised under one overriding mantra: retrofit their current line with a plethora of legendary drivers to showcase a modded slant on their stock assortment. Continuing this tradition for 2023, they’ve unleashed the Victory® Sheriff – Texas Ranger Edition and Kraken – Ultra Metal Edition collections – both of which offer the perfect blend of standout sonics and superior versatility for all your tonal exploits.

Introducing the Victory® Sheriff – Texas Ranger Edition (Complete) collection featuring captures inspired by the iconic Sheriff line of cabs, outfitted with Eminence®’s finest – the ever-popular Texas Heat drivers. They’re punchy. They’re defined. They’re synonymous with a well-rounded F-A-T tone with oodles of top-end bite, an aggressive mid-range and deft levels of razor-like clarity to cut through any mix. Add to all this, a smattering of British-inspired voicing, and it’s no wonder this Texan piller is a go-to for Rock and Alt-rock players seeking the pinnacle in primo raunch-fuelled sonics.


Enter the Victory® Kraken – Ultra Metal Edition (Complete) collection featuring captures inspired by the Kraken line of cabs, outfitted with Eminence®’s Mick Thompson Signature DV77 drivers. Engineered from the outset with a mantra fuelled by exacting balance and uncompromising response, the Eminence® DV-77 speaker is a veritable force to be reckoned with. Pushing super-tight punchy lows, a meaty mid-range and articulate highs without fizz, it’s the perfect driver for players treading the harder side of alt-rock and metal.


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Is it just the boutique or studio mic sets your tone demands? No sweat, our companion new-for-2023 Victory® collections deliver everything you need!

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