Victory® Duchess – American Legacy Edition (Complete)

Contains 10 DynIR Cabinets

Victory® Duchess – American Legacy Edition (Complete)

Introducing the Victory® Duchess – American Legacy Edition (Complete) – an official new-for-2022 brand capture inspired by – and captured from – an expertly curated selection of Victory® Amplification Dutchess 4×12 and 2×12 cabinets.

Victory® Amplification, we salute you. This British born pillar in the world of amplifiers is synonymous with uncompromising quality, innovation and deft tonal prowess to match. When it comes to their cabinets, no stone is left unturned. Constructed from solid Redwood Pine (with Baltic Pine back and baffles), their unfettering approach to design and engineering results is power, depth-of-tone and sublime dispersion trusted and relied upon by the playing elite.

For 2022, Victory®’s DynIR-centric mission was simple: retrofit their current line with a plethora of legendary drivers to showcase a modded slant on their stock assortment. Enter the Victory® Duchess – American Legacy Edition collection featuring their Duchess line of cabs, outfitted with Jenson® P12N drivers. The Jenson® P12N is without doubt one of the most iconic Jensen® speakers of the late ‘50s. Tonal distinction is the name of the game with this iconic driver, offering crystal-like clarity in the treble range, transparent mids and powerful, tight bass response. It’s no wonder it’s earned the title, “King of Clean Tones”.

Each cabinet within the American Legacy Edition (Complete) collection has been expertly captured by legendary capture-master Adam Steel at Hop Pole Studios. With an all British signal chain including Drawmer® 1960 or Cranborne® Camden preamps, BBC® AM7/13 line preamps and a choice of either a Studio or Boutique mic set, the American Legacy Edition (Complete) collection offers the perfect blend of standout sonics and superior versatility for all your tonal exploits.

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