Torpedo Remote & Firmwares



Released ON 2023-04-28

Torpedo Remote changes

  • Added support for Revv D25 Amp.
  • Support tool menu option has been removed. This feature is now available through the Torpedo Support Tool application.


Released ON 2022-04-12

Torpedo Remote changes

  • Fixed factory reset issue.
  • Added support for the following amplifiers:
    – Victory V4 The Jack
    – Victory V4 The Sheriff
    – Victory V4 The Duchess
    – Victory V4 The Copper Guitar Amp


Released ON 2021-11-22

Torpedo Remote changes

  • Fixed USB connection issue for Revv G120, G100P and G100R


ReleasED ON 2021-11-16

Torpedo Remote changes

  • Added support for firmware v5.25.
  • Minor improvements.

Torpedo Captor X firmware changes (5.25)

  • Fixed Twin tracker tightness parameter sensitivity.
  • Fixed noise gate minor issue.
  • Fixed 82.22 error. (occured when uploading the first IR into the Torpedo)


ReleasED ON 2021-08-09

Torpedo Remote changes

  • The display bug that occurred on some cabinets is fixed.
  • The backup of the Torpedo now contains the firmware. This allows a full restore of the Torpedo to a previous state.
  • Torpedo Remote now automatically creates a backup before performing a firmware update.


ReleasED ON 2021-06-30

Torpedo Remote changes

  • Fixed random crash during sign in (Mac OSX Only)


ReleasED ON 2021-06-07

Torpedo Remote changes

  • Fixed certification issue (Mac OSX 10.10 Only)


ReleasED ON 2021-06-01

Torpedo Remote changes

  • Fixed USB connection issue

Torpedo Captor X firmware changes (5.23)

  • Fixed voicing knob issue
  • Fixed 5.12 audio processing issue


ReleasED ON 2021-05-28

Torpedo Remote changes

  • Fixed Torpedo detection issue


ReleasED ON 2021-05-24

Torpedo Remote changes

  • Fixed Torpedo Remote crash after update upload


ReleasED ON 2021-05-18

Torpedo Remote changes

  • Added native support for Apple M1 chip to Torpedo Remote installer
  • Improved connection stability in Big Sur when app is in background (opened but not in use)

Torpedo C.A.B. M+ Firmware changes

  • Floor noise improvement
  • Wireless / BLE mode setup option


ReleasED ON 2021-05-06

Torpedo Remote changes

  • Added native support for Apple M1 chip
  • Torpedo Studio: Fixed an issue with EQ parameters while saving preset on the computer
  • Revv G120/G100P/G100R: Added Latency parameter in the Setup menu
  • Room display improvement
  • Added support for Victory V4 The Kraken Guitar Amp


ReleasED ON 2021-03-05

Torpedo Remote changes

  • Support for MacOSX Lion (10.7 and 10.8)


Released ON 2021-02-08

Torpedo Remote changes

  • Application size reduced from 47MB to 21MB
  • New presets for Torpedo C.A.B. M+
  • Handling of energy saver mode on Big Sur has been improved
  • Random USB disconnection issues on Windows are fixed

Firmware changes (Captor X, CAB M+ Revv G120/G100P/G100R)

  • Reverb issue occurring when selection a preset has been fixed


Released ON 2021-01-14

Torpedo Remote changes

  • Fixed random USB disconnection issue


Released ON 2020-12-10

Torpedo Remote changes

  • Support for Revv Generator 120 MKIII, Revv Generator 100P MKIII and Revv Generator 100R MKIII


Released ON 2020-09-10

Torpedo Remote changes

  • Cabinet Manager layout has been improved: new messages, improved drag-and-drop feature, load and unload buttons introduced.
    New Cabinet Manager
  • Cabinet order in Torpedo introduced
  • Cabinet filter in Cabinet manager, to only show what is in licence introduced
  • Torpedo Captor X 16 firmware package issue has been fixed
  • Launch time of the software has been improved for slow networks

Firmware changes (Torpedo C.A.B. M+, Captor X, Live, CAB, Revv G20 and Revv D20)

  • Fixed an issue upon preset loading when Mic B was changed (or switched from front to back) and Mic A was not


Released ON 2020-08-25

Torpedo Remote changes

  • Torpedo Captor X 16 support


Released ON 2020-07-23

Torpedo Remote changes

  • Fixed an issue that occured when an unknown device was detected.

Firmware changes (common to Torpedo C.A.B. M+ and Captor X v5.05)

  • Fixed error 205 (BLE pin code renew).
  • Fixed onboard DSP CLIP LED.

Torpedo C.A.B. M+ only: firmware changes

  • Fixed an issue with the encoders skipping a step from time to time.
  • Memory card no longer boots at startup. It only boots when accessing it is required.
  • Enhanced warnings related to the memory card.

Torpedo Captor X only: firmware changes

  • Polarity correction: out signal was inverted in regards to in signal
  • Fixed error 25


Released ON 2020-07-03

Torpedo Remote changes

  • Studio only: Fixed an issue when loading preset files containing user IRs


Released ON 2020-06-29

Torpedo Remote changes

  • Guest users can now access to the email field in the support ticket creation window


Released ON 2020-06-26

Torpedo Remote changes

  • Fixed issue for Torpedo C.A.B. M and C.A.B. M+ that has no firmware.


Released ON 2020-06-25

Torpedo Remote changes

Torpedo Remote 5.3.0 introduces the upgrade firmware of Torpedo C.A.B. M to Torpedo C.A.B. M+ .
This new version also includes improvements in the workflow for Torpedo Remote.

  • Keyboard shortcuts have been added:
    * Ctrl+S to save the current preset,
    * Effects can be enabled/disabled using keyboard shortcuts (See Hotkeys for the list)
  • Ultra low latency setting is added in C.A.B. M+ setup
  • Mute/Unmute button has been added in Tuner window
  • Magic mouse & track pad issue is fixed on MacOSX
  • Delay before displaying values on knobs has been reduced
  • Torpedo Remote and Torpedo firmware update workflow improved
  • C.A.B. M+ support

Torpedo C.A.B. M+ upgrade – C.A.B. M firmware changes

  • New – Preamp is added
  • New – Noise gate is added
  • New – Enhancer is added
  • New – Tuner is added
  • Reverb has been updated: new acoustic characteristics for the room (Ambience), 4 new rooms and all rooms can be edited
  • New – Bypass function is added on each mic to send the dry tone to the output
  • New – Audio Performance setting is added for a latency as low as 1.2 ms
  • Reset parameters in your preset to the default value by double-clicking on the VOLUME/VALUE knob

Torpedo Captor X firmware changes

  • New reverb behavior: it is possible to edit any room parameters. The reverb does not switch to Custom room when doing so.
  • Tuner has been improved for low notes
  • Noise gate has been improved
  • The position of the physical SPACE knob located on the front panel is no longer taken into account at startup (presets are not modified)