Noise Factory | MessyBarbra’s Truckstop

Contains 7 DynIR Cabinets

Noise Factory | MessyBarbra’s Truckstop

MessyBarbra’s Truckstop: it’s the apex destination for power-hungry tone heads seeking the undisputed pinnacle in boutique-euro-zone sonics. With this new-for-2022 release Noise Factory set out to create their most audacious collection to date: inspired by a selection of Mezzabarba® and Diezel® amplification cabinets, and outfitted with a selection of premium Celestion® drivers, this is one capture series that delivers a supreme union of boutique mojo and rudimental tone trusted by the playing elite. If your tone’s in need of a well-deserved refuelling – or you’re simply looking to dive into some local delicacies cooked-up by a legendary DynIR capture master duo – then MessyBarbra’s Truckstop is one destination on your roadmap to tonal nirvana you just can’t afford to miss.

Today’s specials: the fabled ‘brown tone’ synonymous with the Celestion® G12M20, available in either a 4×12 and 2×12 cabinet. For purveyors of full-bodied tone, the legendary saturated overtones of the V30 with a choice of three 4×12’s and one 2×12 delivers the goods in spades. The cherry on the proverbial sundae is a Greenback-loaded 4×12 complete with lashings of juicy punch and immaculate sustain.

In short, if you like your tone powerful, oozing with vibey mojo and buttery in all the right places then this collection has it all and so much more!

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